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Two young white ladies crucified for racial comments on CBS reality tv show

Aaryn Gries, Gina Marie Zimmerman

Aaryn Gries, Gina Marie Zimmerman

Two women have been demonized in the national media and fired from their day jobs for supposedly “racist” and “homophobic” comments. A third male contestant was “formally censured” by his employer.

Gina Marie Zimmerman was fired from her day job at East Coast USA Pageant.

Aaryn Gries was fired from a modelling agency called Zephyr Talent. Bella Petite Magazine, which has featured Gries multiple times, also says they are not going to use her anymore.

Below is a video compilation of the supposed “racist” comments.

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Three contestants on CBS’s Big Brother Season 15 have been demonized for supposedly “racist” comments.  Aaryn Gries, Gina Marie Zimmerman, and Spencer Clawson.