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64 year old Asian man nearly killed in racial hate crime mob attack in CT. Media censors.

victorA group of four thugs nearly killed a 64 year old Asian man in an unprovoked hate crime mob attack. Not only did the local media refuse to report the race of the perpetrators, but they showed an unrelated stock picture of white fists. They intentionally tried to make the viewer think that the perps were white.

The thugs fled into the Stamford Academy High School after the attack. One of the suspects has been arrested and he is a student.

Guess what?

Stamford Academy is 66% black and 2% white. The local media outlet intentionally tried to make the viewers think that the perps where white, when they are undoubtedly black.

If the perpetrators really were white, this would be a national news story. Instead it is a tiny blip in the local news.