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Arrest made in forty year old hate crime murder of beautiful Louisiana woman


Eileen B. Ferro was 21 when she was killed in her home on Ladyslipper Drive on Feb. 22, 1974. Her husband, Anthony T. Ferro Jr., found her body.

Lonzo Guthrie, 69, was arrested Tuesday night and arraigned on a fugitive of justice charge in Georgia in connection with the case, the Worcester County District Attorney’s office confirmed.

Investigators said at the time that the slaying was especially brutal. Ferro, a dental hygienist who grew up in Worcester, had been slashed numerous times in the head and shoulders with a heavy, sharp object, possibly a hatchet or a butcher knife, police said.

In 1974, police quickly ruled out robbery as a motive for the slaying and said Ferro didn’t appear to have been sexually assaulted. Police initially theorized she knew her killer, based on the lack of any signs of forced entry or a struggle in the house.

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