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Black History Month Myth of the Day. The Cell Phone.

Dr. Henry T. Sampson (pictured at right) and Dr. George H. Miley, are two engineering professors teaching in Illinois. Though it looks like Sampson has since retired from teaching and now writes books on the history of blacks in theater and movies. In 1971 they jointly obtained a patent for their own version of a “Gamma Electric Cell” they designed to convert gamma rays into electrical output.

Sampson was also employed once at a Naval Weapons station in California where he worked on developing binders for rocket propellant. It is alleged that he also holds patents that grew out of this research.

Henry T. Sampson, a Mulatto, may be among the most successful engineers to have African ancestry. However, that is not what the Afro-mythologists are calling him. Last year actually received an e-mail from a parent whose child was asked to write a report on Sampson, because “he invented the cell phone.”

Afro-Mythologists saw the words “gamma,” and “cell” and said “hot dog” a black man invented the cell phone. Now the media and the public schools are propagandizing this false and easily disprovable hoax.

It is also noteworthy, that absolutely none of the Afro-mythologists mention that the patent in question was jointly obtained with a white scientist! Nor do they mention that the first patent for a device that converts gamma rays into electricity was obtained by white scientist Bernard Gross in 1964.

What does converting gamma rays into electricity have to do with cell phones? Absolutely nothing!

Who really invented the cell phone? Martin Cooper, pictured at right is considered to be the father of the cell phone.

In 1973 Cooper took out a patent for his new invention the “radio telephone system.” When Cooper first walked onto the streets of New York with it, people were stunned. Cooper remains a leader in communications innovation to this day.

So what have we learned?

Henry T. Sampson was not the first to convert gamma rays to electricity. A white scientist did it first seven years earlier.

Sampson only co-created a similar device with a white scientist.

That device had nothing to do with cellular phone technology and has no bearing whatsoever on the history of the cell phone.

  • Flu-Bird

    Whats next for these Black History Month will their next lie be that a black man invented the AIRPLANE or CAR or the INTERNET?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      They already claim the car and the helicopter. (EVERYONE knows that Al Gore invented the internet…)

    • JoeBideyourtime

      Have you ever heard of an airplane being unearthed in Africa? If civilization started there it took a fast leap completely away.

  • Rosie Sparks

    And we learned that Sampson was a mulatto in keeping with the tradition of all “black” inventors.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Like William Shockley proved, “The lighter, the brighter…”

    • H Town Psych

      According to who? Were there even mixed race couples in Mississippi in 1973?

  • Zachary

    In “Guns, Germs and Steel,” Jared Diamond argues that everything is our culture due to geographic factors, such as the availability of domesticable plants and animals, which are needed to feed civilization. Indeed, hunting and gathering lasted until relatively recent times in Scandinavia, since wheat grew poorly there. And, Greece is the foundation of western civilization, since wheat arrived in that part of Europe first. Still, the book does a terrible job of explaining China, where agriculture began much earlier, and which had a lot of coal, that never inspired them to industrialize. Also, the Indians had 60 percent of crops, such as corn, beans, squash, potatoes, etc. The book provides an interesting explanation of Europe, but fails to explain the rest of the world. Indeed, 3 million SNPs separate the races, which is 130 SNPs per 23,000 genes in the genome, and even just one SNP can completely change a gene. And, look at what happened to all the whites who went to Latin America, and interbred with blacks and Indians in wide numbers. It amazes me that our leaders support our displacement by Third World mestizos, given this evidence.

    • truthbetold

      If Diamond was correct, then how come Whites took over the very same geographic factors from the Indians and created modern industry? Why couldn’t the Indians do it? Also, how come the Swiss, for example, bereft of resources make wealth out of little bits materials into fabulous watches, etc. The crucial factor is the people, and the geographic factor is only a contributing factor.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Another example is the Continent of Africa — which contains many of the rarest and most valuable elements and minerals in the world — which would never have seen the light of day, were it not for the white man’s technology and managerial skills…

  • Tremley

    Well a black man did invent a Prosthetic Tail for a dolphine. I know this to be true b/c of the Hollywood movie “Dolphine Tail” which stars Morgan Freeman as the inventor.

    Wait a second, I just googled it and it turned out the prosthetic tail was invented by two whites. I guess we were lied to, again

  • Earl P. Holt III

    They didn’t invent the cell phone, but they sure employ their free Obama-phones to engage in endless criminal activities…

    • SiliconNooB

      AHA, Obama-phones were invented by the blacks! Checkmate anglosphere!! 😛

      • disqus_NF6LFkuVhY

        Actually the free cell phones started during the regime of BIll Clinton. It was a modification of a landline, only program that was started during Ronald Reagan’s term. Surprise, Scary Barry Obama took credit for somebody else’s program. They are not, “Obama phones”. They are, “white presidents phones”!

  • MartelsGhost

    Sad and pathetic.

    I’m waiting for the story to come out of some state where a group of advanced placement students complete their science fair projects, then set up the projects for display and judging only to be escorted out after completing their work. As the AP students leave they watch as groups of underachieving future thugs walk around and choose which project they want to steal in order to claim credit for having done the work. All while under the watchful approving stares of the administration.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      When I was on the St. Louis School Board, an Asian student from the high-achieving Magnet School in the St. Louis Public Schools actually WON the St. Louis Science Fair. This is a BIG DEAL in St. Louis, involves competition from participating school systems throughout the metro area, and probably had a scholarship attached, although it’s been 25 years so I can’t remember the amount. The kid wrote some kind of new software, but was not there to accept his award because he was already taking courses at Stanford !!!

      When his parents stepped forward to accept his award for him, the thing I’ll NEVER forget was the lack of enthusiasm among the n*ggers on the Board: They feigned the least amount of enthusiasm possible, and their clapping was pro forma and silent.

      Here was the first example of genuine accomplishment I had seen in the SLPSs, and the n*ggers were disinterested because it was an Asian student rather than some black imbecile who had just learned to tie his shoes, or the equivalent. Blacks are the most racist people in the history of the world, and hate the Asians because the Asians “put the lie” to all the black excuses and laments about racism and the lack of opportunity. The parents of this kid were a refugees from Viet Nam and “Boat People,” who came here with NOTHING.

      The truth is, the only thing holding back most blacks are their incredibly low I.Q.s, their laziness, and the fact that they spend valuable time complaining about how bad they have it, while we have transferred OVER $20 TRILLION to them, most of which has gone for illegal drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, cigarettes and gambling.

      • MartelsGhost

        Well said.

        The only thing holding back blacks……………… that they’re black.

        They hate everyone and everything including themselves.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          You sound like Edward Longshanks in “Braveheart”: “The problem with Scotland is that it has too many Scots…”

          • MartelsGhost

            An astute observation.

            The only difference being that you will NEVER hear me suggesting that the only solution is that we “breed them out.”

            Genetically speaking, I am more related to Edward I than I am to Wallace.

            I appreciate the historical importance of Wallaces’ stand against the crown and I will forever feel connected to Wallace as I had an ancestor that was once hung, drawn and quartered by an English King.

          • Oingo Boingo

            That Brit/Scot thing is STILL going on; The Scots want OUT of The UK, and probably The EU.
            btw, tribal warfare, regardless of a tribe’s technological sophistication, is often an attempted extermination.
            Whites have been holding back; those not lulled and distracted by Big Mass Media.
            American Blacks have NOT been holding back. They’re off on a national toot…that’s becoming very tiresome and increasingly intolerable. This crap is NOT going to continue much longer.
            If White, aware and not angry; you haven’t been paying attention.
            “When the Saxon began to hate” – R. Kipling
            When the tide turns, our domestic African / African Wannabee Blacks are in for a big surprise.
            Dey gawn run to dee Rock fah rescue, but dere be no rock, mon.
            Da EVIL will be DEMOLISHED !
            No more Free Range Beasts of The Field.

      • Oswald Durand

        Sampson is a mulatto,yeah right. Being a moron, you’ve confused him with Jesse Ernest Wilkins Jr., the child prodigy who entered Chicago University at 13 and got his phd at 19.,_Jr. You must be one of those colorblind conservatives. Jesse Russell reduced the bandwidth used by cell phones to allow them to shrink to their current size. There are quite a few bright black kids such as the Imafidons, Esther Okade, etc. Anglo-Nigerians who have demonstrated the ability to do college level math while being as young as ten years old. You idiots need to up your game because your lies are way too easy to debunk. I hope the facts I’ve provided depressed you.

    • Guest

      Wow, it’s actually astonishing how completely ignorant a person can be. What did black people ever do to make you hate them so much? It’s sad and disgusting that you would dare suggest that black children are nothing but future thugs. Search up black children such as Ramarni Wilfred. Rather than sticking with your biased beliefs and talking shit behind your computer screen, actually search things up. It is not true that a black man invented the cell-phone, however, it is true that a black man helped to invent the gamma cell which directly led to the development of early cell phones. Oh, but I’m sorry, maybe your lack of cognitive ability makes it difficult for you to do so. I’ve personally seen more hard-working black children than any other race. Just because black people drew the short stick by coming across the filthy, rarely cleansed white-man, does not mean that they’re inherently less intelligent. Please, pick up a book and abandon your one-sided way of thinking. It will surely serve you better

      • MartelsGhost

        That I would dare talk about the truth makes you sad and disgusted? I think your priorities are a little askew. What did black people do to me? thats a joke right? You just clinging to that critical race nonsense in the hopes it shuts up anyone who speaks the truth. What have black people done? They have contributed nothing to society, they lie cheat and steal, they kill, they rape, they sell their own people into slavery and then complain about the customers, they think being black should be enough to get them everything, they smell bad, they have no taste and no talent. Worst of all they can’t even admit to their own shortcomings.

        • Guest

          Wow, I wasn’t aware that ONLY black people lie, cheat, kill, rape, and steal. So all this time, as I was thinking that it was white people who almost completely exterminated the Native Americans, I was wrong. I was always under the impression that white people LIED, STOLE FROM, RAPED, MURDERED, and CHEATED the Native Americans out of their land. But you, my good sir have proven me wrong. I guess it was black people….oh and as far as the “selling” of our own into slavery issue is concerned, you pretty much only scratched the air. Yes, originally, African slaves were sold into slavery by their own “kind” (enemies though of course, which is self-explanatory in its own right). However, this was purely based on social status and was even shortly exemplifies in the United States. You know, until the Almighty White Race happened upon the most elementary philosophy of all time, “Hey, I’m a different color than that man there, who functions just the same as I do. Regardless, he must not be a human but rather, a savage beast.” (Notice any parallels between how whites thought of Non-Whites?) And black people smell bad, but Africans invented toothbrushes, lotion, body soap, and a plethora of other hygienic materials. White people are responsible for perfume (aka, an easy yet ineffective way to “cover their stench” Explain to me why white people in the UK STILL TO THIS DAY lack the ability to buy proper toothbrushes. And to even type out such a statement as “black people have no taste or talent” just further proves the lack of logic and the

          • hassia

            I agree with your sentiments in the whole, however I take issue with the tired stereotype of British people and toothbrushes. You obviously have not been to Britain in a long time things have changed. Please stop using that tired statement as it is almost as bad as Europeans thinking that ALL AMERICANS are FAT. Otherwise your comments are spot on.

        • Guest

          surplus of ignorance that manifests inside of you. Black people are responsible for the most influential genres of music to date…jazz, rock,and hip-hop (among others). It’s hilarious how whites are latching on to black culture and trying to make it their own. Oh, and I’m currently a 17 year old black male going to Princeton so I’m sure your own shortcomings trump mine in terms of quantity

          • MartelsGhost

            I think you spelled Irish wrong. Black people stole all of their musical origins from Irish music. Of course on a truly ignorant child would call someone else ignorant before they had done ANY research on the matter.

            Only sad self hating whites try to latch on to any culture beside their own. Years of being lied to about the “superiority” of black culture will do that to weak minded fools.

            Princeton? Sounds like somebody’s trying to latch on to White culture and overcome their own feelings of inadequacy……………or you’re just the token affirmative action scholarship so that all the white libtards can feel good about themselves.

            Now go to bed kid.

          • Guest

            The fact that you would even say something as idiotic as you just did amazes me. I’m actually over here laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. Please explain to me how black people stole all of their musical origins from Irish music? Is that racist, conservative, little pink dick really that far down your throat? The ubiquitous black music that you hear today originated in Africa, particularly in the Kru tribe of Liberia, the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, and the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. In case you were wondering, these people had absolutely NO contact with people of other races before slavery, making in next to impossible to have stolen their music from the Irish. I was waiting for your “token affirmative action scholarship” assumptions to surface. If you’d like to know, nothing I’ve ever achieved has been handed to me on a silver platter; like it has to generations of white conservatives. I grew up with nothing before scoring in the 99th percentile on the SSAT test required to be accepted into the boarding school that I attended. After that, I scored a 2240 on my SAT my junior year. I graduated with a 3.84 GPA and was a magna cum laude scholar. I was accepted into Princeton based on my academic merits, not my ethnic background. So you could take those assumptions and shove them FAR up your ass. Go back to fucking your sister or cousin or whoever it is and make sure your kids aren’t plotting the next mass shooting you white trash.

          • Guest

            Oh, and please respond with actual facts rather than subjective opinions. It will make for a much better argument and ensure that you don’t look as stupid as you have been.

          • MartelsGhost

            Another History Denier I see. It’s okay. I know it’s hard. The first step is admitting you know nothing about actual history. The second is shutting the hell up and learning something for yourself.

            Of course understanding that ALL opinions, including yours, are subjective would be a good thing to comprehend as well.

            Facts are stubborn things. Just because the historical facts point to most if not all of early American musical influence coming from Ireland, England and Germany shouldn’t stop you from trying to spread your critical race theory black power BS mumbo jumbo all of the web. Keep going. Your ignorance only helps others learn not to walk down that same path.

          • Guest

            If you can provide a link for me that clearly tells me that genres such as jazz, blues, rock, etc. took most of their influence from Irish, English, or German music rather than Africa I will gladly shut up. Please refrain from using links from your beloved white conservative websites. I also shared your theory of European influence over black music with my peers (rich white kids), and even they had to admit that that is a rather idiotic claim.

          • MartelsGhost

            Try any history book on early migration and colonization of the United States dipsh*t. It isn’t a theory.

            You need a “link”? How childish. You need a library card. Or are you one of those “pics or it didn’t happen” kind of trolls?

            And using rich white kids as qualifiers for history won’t get you very far. Especially if they are the typical self-hating history denying guilt ridden waste of life white kids.

            The simplest way to explain this is that European music tells a story, african music chants. Jazz told stories. Rap is a mindless monotone chant. Rock tells stories. Rap yells repetitive profanities. Chanting with a drum beat is african. Rising and falling melodies used as emotional background to help tell a story is European.

            Just because you don’t like history doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Facts are stubborn things.

          • Guest

            Your comment is so flawed. Well first, let me begin with the generalization of african music. Many of the african music “chants” were meant to tell a story and to derive a certain emotion from the listeners. Second, most rap is not simply a mindless monotone chant. The music itself may be repetitive but the lyrics to go along with it are not “mindless.” For a recent example, listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Maad City or Big Krit’s Cadillactica. Don’t you dare generalize an entire genre that you probably refuse to even listen to…that’s called being ignorant. Rock is a music of the black people. Any history book will tell you that. And the rich white kid piece was thrown in there just to negate any comment about black people only agreeing with other black people

          • MartelsGhost

            I have been and always will be a fan of the East Coast Zulu Nation circa 90’s until quest broke up. I happen to have enjoyed the only phase through which mainstream rap actually had a real honest story that needed to be told. I have a deep respect and appreciation for most of the worlds musical styles that I have had opportunity to enjoy. I am a particular fan of Taiko Drum for some reason.
            I digress.

            For neigh on twenty years the mainstream pop-rap has consisted of catchy 5 second hooks which are followed by, and indeed preceded by, monotone chanting. Twenty years of mind-numbing annoying bass thumps accompanied by interchangeable “street” stereotypes. Ughh. Enough.

            As far as the origins of Rock go, claiming that Appalachian bluegrass and Irish pub music weren’t the main ancestors is just plain ludicrous.

            You keep offering qualifiers about how you see things as based on race assumptions. Like I give a sh*t about what color your friends are or how many White people you shook hands with, or how many Asians said hello today. The generalizations about black people agreeing with each other for no other reason than the color of their skin has been fairly well put to bed, but the opinions of people , even if they’re all black, can change wildly about more specific questions.

            Boy you must hate being the “token” huh? Either that or you speak so well and have manners and so your former homies must pick on you. Hell maybe its behind door number three and you grew up in the suburbs and went to private school and everything you think you’ve learned is wrong.

            “Rock is a music of the black people”?????? WTF?
            “This is the music of my people” said with bad Nigerian accent to another pasty faced tourist. Are you kidding?

            Ummmmmm, no. Rock is about 45% bluegrass 20% Irish Pub music maybe 10% German beer-hall and then 25% Jazz, and by Jazz I mean of the type popularized and written and performed mostly by Jews.

            So, yeah I guess there’s some black in there. You sound like one of those old racist democrats from the South. It’s from the “one-drop” rule about mixing the races.

            You got some serious issues you need to work out………

          • Guest

            I would really like to know where you derived your statistics and percentages on genres that influence rock music from.

          • MartelsGhost

            I’m sorry but I only respond to folks who don’t end their sentences in prepositions.

            I would really like to know who your high-school english teacher was and exactly how many other classes you passed simply because of the “No Child Left Behind” standards.

          • Guest

            Well, I guess I should thank George Bush because those “No Child Left Behind” standards lead me straight to Princeton lol. But as I said, before you chose to focus on my use of a stranded preposition, (which, if you were able to acquire the same $45,000 high school education that I did, you would know by now that prepositions used at the end of a sentence aren’t grammatically incorrect. This isn’t the 17th century and my name isn’t Yoda), where did your erroneous stats come from? I’m quite perplexed by the absolute fallacy of your statement.

          • MartelsGhost

            if the only thing that allows you to believe you have the upper hand in an argument, is looking for any possible mistake in a sentence, then I guess your life must really lack excitement.

            Repetition and rhetoric. Minus 15 points.

            Cripes but you are an insipid faux elitist. You have no idea who I am or which academy I attended and yet you assume your educational price tag should be an impressive enough qualification to make others feel inferior. Hah. Lame.

            I mean really, should anyone be impressed your whole education costs less than a Ford Taurus?

            Being a ignorant, conceited bore isn’t impressive and the paltry amount someone spent on your education ( although I strongly doubt the veracity of your statements) would have been better spent buying a few families some groceries.

            As a closing question: When you lie to others online do you make the mistake of believing the nonsense you tell people and then later co-opt it as part of your new story or do you invent new BS for each interaction?

          • Guest

            I have no reason to lie to you on an irrelevant thread. I do find it funny, though, that you continue to try to change the subject. I asked you a question and you have yet to give an answer. It makes it difficult for me to take any of your statements serious.

            100% of white males are gay and have penises less than 6 inches long. See, I can also pull stats out of my ass.

            In addition, I have never seen a Ford Taurus that costs $180,000.

          • Guest

            Also, considering my use of a relative clause, a prepositional ending seemed appropriate. However, if the only thing that allows you to believe you have the upper hand in an argument, is looking for any possible mistake in a sentence, then I guess your life must really lack excitement.

          • MartelsGhost

            Actually, no. The most boring thing I have had to put up with in years……………is chatting with you.

  • truthbetold

    Maybe it should be called “Mulatto Mythtory Month” instead?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Then, only the queers can pronounce it correctly…

      • Marv Ack

        That’th waythitht!

    • Oingo Boingo

      Love it.

  • IvanRider

    Are they really so ashamed of George Washington Carver due to his conservative beliefs and mockeries of liberalism, that they have to erase this one legitimate achievement from history and replace it with myths? Blacks need to confront the Cultural Marxists big time. The history of both Black and White is being stolen and rewritten wholesale and shamelessly!

  • Danny Welles

    Niggers have no culture so they have to lie & steal other peoples’ cultures.

  • Lucian Brown III

    the tone of this story is disgusting

  • WhiteManTellsTheTruth

    Henry T. Sampson for inventing the gamma-electric cell, making cell phones possible.

    Henry T. Sampson Jr. was the first African/Black American to achieve an MS degree in Nuclear Engineering where persons who hold such a degree are commonly referred to as Nuclear Physicist.

    On July 6, 1971 Sampson’s invention was patented and he received a patent number which is: US 3591850; Sampson’s patent is maintained under the United States Patent and Trademark Office. See citations below for further inquiry.NOW MIND YOU THESE PPL ARE TALKING ABOUT COOPER AND HIS PATENT IN 1973…Go figure oh and the source is from United States Patent 3,591,860 Patent Date of file July 6, 1971 (http://patft(dot)uspto(dot)gov(slash)netahtml(slash)PTO(slash)srchnumtm

  • mike

    What we use today is digital cellular technology created by jesse russell

  • mike

    Jesse Russell Is Who You Are thinking of. The founder of digital cellular tec

  • Knowledge2013

    That not true he didn’t invent the cell phone he co invented cell phone technology. The electric gamma cell used gamma radiation to send high voltage from radiation sources from a nuclear reactor safely( sensor, detector, or cell ie cell phone) . Critical to cell phone technology because your cell phone use electromagnetic radiation to transmit waves back and forth allowing you talk without dying from cancer the next year, stop trashing his legacy by lying like he had nothing to do with cell phones. A white man invented the cell phone. But a black and a white man invented the safe way to use cell phone technology. That’s the truth.

  • TheBrain [ᵐᵒᵈ]

    “Henry T. Sampson, a Mulatto, may be among the most successful engineers to have African ancestry.” accidentally stumbled in this racist infested sight. safe to say I won’t be back.

  • Vanessa Gary Walker

    I’m so proud of all of you insecure white people creating this website. It keeps us encouraged that you are so pissed off.

    • Operant_Conditioner

      Pissed off??? LOL. We’re laughing at the desperate attempts to re-write history to appease insecure blacks, like you! 😉

      • E Coco

        I’ve always wondered if other students around the world (i.e Asian students, German, French etc), are taught the same history re certain inventions that WE (Americans) claim as our own..

      • devon williams

        That’s what you white people do with Egyptian history. Black people have always been better then white people.

      • Loren O.

        Why are you so obsessed with us???

      • guest

        Let me be frank to all of you diseased yellow hair white folk.. the only
        thing you invented was lying , stealing and murdering people ,,
        scripture!!! Everything that you have and every thing that you ever did
        you stole, took by force of arms form other races by mutilating races
        of people to conquer what and where you have right now you are
        savages from the caves of Europe. History has proven that the mother of
        civilization is AFRICA ! You are not smart you are a smart are a very stupid people! your evil and you are the father
        of all lies, you are cursed by Gods law ,..the white skin Leprosy and
        the disease unclean hire,,Leviticus .. you are nothing in the
        scriptures and God will have his day with you ,, you are not the True
        Israelite you are the seed of Cain down to Esau,, the scripture say you
        are red and hair like a dog truth be told that is why you shave
        everyday, because if you didn’t you would certainly grow hair like
        the animal you are,…wonder why that is ???read you scriptures,, you
        are the lease of all human races and you know that, this is why you do
        what you to to try to look and feel superior when in actuality you are
        the most inferior creature on God’s planet and the sooner the other
        races realize what you really are the better off they will be!! All of
        the socializing with you nasty devils,, is like sleeping with a dog ,,
        you are bound to get up with fleas!!

  • H Town Psych

    White insecurity is hilarious. You all ping pong between telling blacks to pull their pants up and be contributors to society and then trying to dismiss black accomplishments. Just admit that you are angry, insecure and hate black people. That would save you a lot of time.

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