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Black residents oppose Trader Joes in Portland neighborhood, claim it would attract too many white people

Why is it considered perfectly normal for residents of a black neighborhood to want to keep their neighborhood black? If the races had been reversed, the media would be denouncing the Portland African American Leadership Forum as the Ku Klux Klan.

From AP…

The Trader Joe’s grocery-store chain has dropped a plan to open a new store in the heart of the city’s historically African-American neighborhood after activists said the development would price black residents out of the area.

The grocer, whose stores are found in urban neighborhoods across the nation, said Monday it wouldn’t press its plan, given community resistance, The Oregonian reported.

Critics said the development would displace residents and perpetuate income inequality in one of the most rapidly gentrifying ZIP codes in the nation.

The Portland African American Leadership Forum said the development commission had in the past made promises about preventing projects from displacing community members but hadn’t fulfilled them.

It sent the city a letter saying it would “remain opposed to any development in N/NE Portland that does not primarily benefit the Black community.” It said the grocery-store development would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”

Mayor Charlie Hales and the urban renewal agency’s executive director, Patrick Quinton, signed a letter in January that described what they said was the commission’s contributions “to the destructive impact of gentrification and displacement on the African American community.”

Trader Joe’s is based in Monrovia, Calif. Its store would have been the anchor of a two-building development that included space for four to 10 shops and 100 parking spaces. A company owned by African-Americans in Portland had been slated to build it.

  • Stephen Dalton

    Why would I want to go into a black neighborhood to buy groceries?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Those are the only places you can buy chitterlin’s, hog knuckles, and “head cheese”…

      • mlm

        Dont forget the fumunda cheese!

        • Earl P. Holt III

          What dat?

      • Stephen Dalton

        Why would I want that stuff? May be some Rocky Mountain Oysters, which I could get at a white owned butcher shop, but forget the rest!

    • katzkiner

      Combat training?

    • Jim

      Hey wouldn’t it be wild to get all your white friends together to walk in that store, then have everyone grab items and run out without paying? Just like the blacks on those youtube surveillance videos! That would be surreal! :)

  • BobWhitakerisokay

    DIEversity is a one way street. No one ever says an area is “too black”, “too Hispanic”, “too Asian”.

    • yvonne martinez

      I do! But who listens to me?

  • freddy_hills

    It said the grocery-store development would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,”

    The only thing that would increase the “desirability of the neighborhood” is fewer blacks.

    for “non-oppressed populations.”

    since when is dumb and lazy considered “oppressed”?

    • libertarian1234

      Don’t forget the main problem: STUPIDITY.

    • LePatriote1980

      They are oppressed because they only managed to knockout 300 innocent whites this month. This is terrible oppression. More whites need to go in black neighborhoods to be murdered so the blacks can practice their civil rights.

    • Nico Ruesch

      “When the city confirmed in November that Majestic Realty Co., a California-based developer, wanted to bring the popular grocer Trader Joe’s to Northeast Portland, the small business owners who bought into the first phase were thrilled. Neighbors were, too.” Read this site’s own source:

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I sure am relieved that blacks cannot be racist, as I have been told by many in positions of authority and responsibility…

    • brior

      Don’t deceive yourself YT and only YT can be racist. That is why we have the polar bear game, to keep the evil racists in their place while buying grocery s in da hood.

      • frances

        I believe he was being sarcastic.

        anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows the destruction of our country and how we got here…………….

        • Earl P. Holt III

          I believe brior was being facetious…

  • Royal

    They don’t seem to mind whitey paying for their handouts.

    • truthbetold

      That was my first thought too. The Portland black forum is probably also the first to complain about Black unemployment too.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    There’s a large and successful grocery-store chain in the mid-west that began in St. Louis named “Schnucks”: Some years ago, Schnucks was bullied into opening a store in an all-black area of north St. Louis on Natural Bridge (pronounced “Nachel Bidge”) by the black graftocracy that controls the city of St. Louis.

    The store lasted less than a year, owing to the “shrinkage” that inevitably occurs whenever employees or patrons are n*ggers. (There may have been fatal gun-fights in the parking lot, as well, I just can’t remember.) In any event, it wasn’t long before the store closed and was sold to another entity, probably for pennies on the dollar.

    The only loser was Schnucks, of course, but they will NEVER be bullied into doing anything of the sort, again…

  • commandergreen

    The next time they say something’s “too white”, tell them if they said something was too Jewish they would call you anti-Semite

  • Global Minority

    Trader Joe’s won’t last more than 3 years if it builds a grocery store. It will not be profitable due to the large scale thefts that mainly occur becasue of the employees. Detriot no longer has any grocery stores becasue of this. And the black community was up in arms claiming “racism” becasue the last grocery store closed its doors a fews back. They acutally tried to sue the grocery store chain in which I can’t remember which one it was now.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      My money says ONE YEAR…

  • 1stworlder

    Philly passed an anti gentrification law to keep childless whites from raising property values because blacks discovered property tax.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      If blacks invented the property tax, why is it that none of them ever observe their creation…?

  • mlm

    Do any of you remember what happened to Greensboros carolina circle mall? If you dont know, here it is! A piece of it anyway! Someone in the city of Greensboro decided it would be a good idea to connect the mall, with the residents on the other side of highway 29, with a pedestrian bridge! Guess WHO those residents are! In a very short time span, black thug gangs took control of the mall. This sounds like a story right out of africa! The U.S. of africa. Guns,shootings,killings,drugs,extortion and the end result was the t-total closing down and eventually the demolition of the mall!!! Putting whites into a black community brings up the community!! Allowing blacks into any decent white community is pure suicide. The cofcc should do a story on the destruction and closing of that mall!

    • Earl P. Holt III

      They should have dynamited the pedestrian bridge the n*ggers used to cross Hi-way 29.

      Something similar occurred with The Galleria in St. Louis County. This shopping center borders Clayton and Ladue, two of the wealthiest residential areas known to man. There were rarely any significant crimes at the Galleria until St. Louis City and St. Louis County officials designed the Metro-Link light rail system to include a stop there. After that, the n*ggers from East St. Louis, Illinois and our home-grown criminal element could take a quick train ride to the Galleria, commit their crimes, and return home within an hour. Suddenly, violent crimes including murders and car-jackings began to occur, and patronage at the Galleria began to decline.

      Needless to say, public officials remain puzzled at the dramatic increases in violent and other serious crimes that began their rise right after the Metro-Link’s Galleria stop was completed…

      • dave

        Earl, I was laughing so hard,I almost choked on my cough drop..

        “They should have dynamited the pedestrian bridge the n*ggers used to cross Hi-way 29″

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Dave: I wasn’t joking. I couldn’t have been more serious…

          • dave

            I know you were serious. That’s why I was laughing. I agree with you 100%

          • Earl P. Holt III

            There was a former police officer in St. Louis who had enormous ambition and profound business sense, and eventually became one of the largest and most successful car dealers in the mid-west. (Before Obama, America really was a land of opportunity.) He is dead now, but I got to know him because our politics were very similar.

            He once asked me what I did for a living, and when I told him I was a “slumlord,” he told me to “Fill ’em up and burn ’em down…”

    • ObamaSmellsBad

      It would be the same as pumping sewage into your drinking water reservoir.

  • libertarian1234

    Actually I’m glad blacks feel as they do, because it keeps a sharp delineation between the races, but they’re so brainless they can’t see that their dumb decisions interfere with their economic improvement.

    They have to be cared for like imbecilic children.

    Integration has been a terrible failure.

  • dave

    Probably the smartest move the store made. It saved the lives of many white employees and shoppers. The knock out chimps would’ve had a field day.

  • Lynn Munoz

    “…because it would attract too many white people.” Oh fer sure! Can’t you all just close your eyes for a minute. Now, in your mind’s eye, envision all those thousands of eager whites stampeding into that black neighborhood just to buy Trader Joe’s special Cinnamon. (Oops, a few cars just got burglarized in the parking lot.) Of course the community might have gotten some tax benefits and some of those “we invest in our community” bennies, and now they won’t. Good decision, Trader Joe’s.

  • Guest

    I think the word they failed to mention is “gentrification.” They live in a ghetto and they want to keep it that way.

  • MartelsGhost

    I’m sure they’re open to having more check-cashing places, liquor stores, pawn shops and chicken joints open in the neighborhood though……………………….

    ni*gers ruin everything.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      That was brilliantly insightful: Those ARE the only legal businesses that survive in n*gger neighborhoods…

  • Charlie Galatas

    It’s amazingly upside down and backwards that blacks can be so blatantly racist and nobody thinks twice, complains, or riots in the streets. We need to start taking our cities back.

  • Andy

    Portland liberals a few years were complaining that Portland did not have enough blacks ,I wonder are the “liberals ” happy now with its rising black crime rates ?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      They can have all of OURS in Texas they want…

  • Tony

    Perhaps white people should start opposing the building of Walmart stores in white neighborhoods? Or how about stopping public transportation into areas that are too affluent for blacks to afford? This ridiculous logic can be used against all sides of the argument yet we continue to entertain it for the sake of appeasing the African American community activists. Idiots. All of them.

  • Sir Kevin

    The African racists actually did Trader Joes a favor. Can you imagine the theft, robberies, and general mayhem the blacks would cause? Not to mention the fraudulent lawsuits, supposed discrimination, and “Im’s be fi-ud cuz I beez black (though the black has a room full of stolen merchandise at home they took previously).
    They also saved customers the grief of finding their vehicles burgled, muggings, knockout games, rapes, and all other forms of negro-terrorism when they enter or leave the store.

    In all I think it was the best thing that could of happened to Trader Joes. Perhaps they can open a “Shifty Tyrone’s” where everything has electronic anti-theft sensors on it, the employees work behind bullet proof glass, and armed security are placed strategically around the store. The top selling items like grape drink, pork rinds, and kool aid packets will be behind the counter to offset theft.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Should have included “Snickers” Bars along with all those other examples of “Brain-Food”…

  • yvonne martinez

    Why would they oppose this? It would be good for the local thug economy! Lots of robberies muggings and breaking into white peoples cars!

  • VerdeTech

    I wonder what would happen if a bunch of white folks protested a store because it would bring in too many blacks? Got Sharpton drooling again didn’t I?

  • Jim

    “HEY! Let’s all move to the worst part of town! I hear there’s a Trader Joe’s there!”

    “Heck, yes! I’ll sell my $900,000 house in Healy Heights and move there right away!”

    In truth, a few white people are moving to inner city Portland, but the crime isn’t going to go away, so that trend will be short lived – as will they if the stay there.

  • Adam L.

    ” It said the grocery-store development would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.””

    In other words, it might attract people with jobs, who are not on welfare and maybe some 2-parent heterosexual households. You know… the dregs of society.

  • Peter Pan

    I can’t believe the stuff people fall for these days. They’re telling the residents of this Portland neighborhood that if Trader Joes is built that it will bring in money and raise the values of their homes. That as their house values went up, they’d be temped to sell (to non-black people), pocket the profit, and move to another area (maybe actually retire). Basically what they’re saying is if they want to keep the neighborhood a poor ghetto, then they have to resist improvements to the neighborhood that will personally economically benefit them.

    What I would really like to know is if this idea comes from blacks in leadership positions they don’t want to lose, or if those black leaders are being duped by white liberals who want to keep them down in order to remain in power. Either way, if people actually choose to keep their neighborhood a poor ghetto instead of taking opportunities to improve their situation, then there’s nothing that can be done for them.

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