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Dozens of black teens attack five white victims while screaming racial slurs near Macon, Georgia

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. There is absolutely no doubt that national media would be in a frenzy right now.

About thirty black teenagers, in Warner Robins, Georgia, celebrated a snow day by rioting and committing racially motivated hate crime mob attack.

Five white adults were brutally attacked by the mob. One of the victims was a woman who had an infant baby with her. The thugs posted the this photo (right) on the internet to gloat about the attacks,

From Macon Telegraph…

According to police, a group of about 30 people were having a snowball fight at the high school Jan. 29. Members of the group allegedly were jumping on vehicles in the parking lot, and when one of the vehicle’s owners asked them to stop, they allegedly attacked that person and three others who came to his aid.

A photo of the fight circulated widely on social media. One of the victims said a person associated with the alleged assailants took the photo, and it was originally posted making light of the attack. It rapidly circulated on the Internet, and investigators used the picture to identify the suspects.

The victim, a 27-year-old man from Byron, asked not to be identified because he and the other three victims have children in the school system and fear reprisal. He said they went to Demon Valley to take their children sledding, and while they were there a group of people in front of the school was having a snowball fight.

The wife of one of the men in the sledding group stayed in their van with their infant child. When members of the group having the snowball fight began hitting the van, the victim said, the woman got out and asked them to stop.

At that point, he said, someone hit her with a snowball, and part of the snowball landed on the baby. The woman’s husband then approached, asked the group to stop and was attacked, he said. He and two other men in the sledding group who came to his aid were assaulted. He said no one in the sledding group instigated physical contact.

The victim said three of them, including himself, suffered concussions, and one had two cracked ribs. Members of the sledding group were white, and those involved in the snowball fight were black. He said the attackers yelled racial comments at them during the assault.

He said they did not call for an ambulance because their first concern was to remove their children from the scene. As the adrenaline wore off later, he said, they realized they were injured and sought treatment.