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Perpetrator of racial hate crime murder in St. Cloud slapped on the wrist

The chief perpetrator of the random hate crime beating death of Colton Gleason was slapped on the wrist with a plea deal. He could be out of prison in as little as five years.

Colton Gleason was walking with two women, when a group of black male thugs began menacing the trio with their car. Gleason stood his ground, so the black males exited the vehicle and attacked. Gleason was critically injured by Jesse Smithers, and he died later in the hospital.

The thugs later boasted of the crime on social media.

Colton Gleason was undoubtedly targeted because his is white.

From St. Cloud Times…

The sentencing, in a standing-room-only Stearns County courtroom, brings to an end the criminal process surrounding Gleason’s death. But Gleason’s family said Thursday that no sentence will allow them to move on or claim any kind of closure.

“It’s just wrong,” Gleason’s father, John, said. “There’s no punishment great enough to bring our son back.”

Smithers, 18, previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a plea agreement that mandated the 10-year sentence. If Smithers doesn’t commit any disciplinary offenses in prison, he could be released in slightly more than five years.

That’s because he has credit for more than 16 months that he’s been in custody since Gleason died and because Minnesota allows prisoners to be released from custody after serving two-thirds of their sentence if they have no disciplinary problems while in custody.

“He’ll be out a young man, and my son is gone forever,” John Gleason said.