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Pro immigration posters in Berlin were a hoax. Taxpayer dollars used to promote fake immigrant success stories.

The Commission of Integration and Migration in Berlin planned to cherry pick some immigrants for a photo spread glorifying immigration. The campaign has ended in total disaster. They have now been forced to admit the posters they created are fake, and have pictures of models on them. They admit that they failed to find non-EU immigrants with success stories.

The Commission, which is notorious for being staffed by radical Marxists, won’t admit why they couldn’t find people. They claim immigrants didn’t want their name used. In reality, a huge majority of non-European immigrants in Germany live on welfare.

Ever defiant, the leftists in charge of the propaganda campaign claim that the lack of successful immigrants is more reason to have a fake poster campaign falsely portraying the immigrants as successful.

Source: The Local.

The Commission of┬áCommission of Integration and Migration celebrates it’s 30th anniversary in Berlin City Hall. The woman at the left is Anetta Kahane, one of the most notorious Marxist leaders in Germany. She has publicly called for the destruction of all European ethnic groups and nation states.

Want to know what the goal of the Commission of Integration and Migration really is?