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Spike Lee calls for racially segregated neighborhoods. Black audience cheers.

Black movie director Spike Lee is calling for white people to stay out of black neighborhoods. He says that white people who move into a majority black area have “Motherf***ing Christohpher Columbus Syndrome.”

Spike Lee said when whites move into a black neighborhood, they don’t have “respect” for “black culture.” He said white people call the police and turn neighborhoods into a “motherf*****’ Wesminster Dog Show.”

Spike Lee says white newcomers raise property values and destroy black culture.

From UK Mail Online…

Spike Lee went on a long-winded rant against gentrification in New York City on Tuesday night when he was asked to argue against the development of poorer neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Harlem.

The director, who has focused on racial issues and gentrification in his films, blasted an audience member at the Pratt Institute who started defending the changes in the neighborhoods.

‘Let me just kill you right now,’ Lee said to the unidentified questioner.
‘Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like the mother*****’ Westminster Dog Show,’ he said drawing a comparison to the high-brow competition that would seem out of place in the harder-edged streets of Brooklyn where he grew up.

Lee pointed the finger at white New Yorkers who have moved into historically black neighborhoods and changed the environment, arguing that those changes have caused the areas to evolve into something completely different.

‘Here’s the thing: I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in New York. It’s changed. And why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better?’ he said.