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The demographics of a Six Californias

The two southern most California states that the initiative would create would essentially be Aztlan. Whites are fleeing the area, and they are on the precipice of becoming majority Hispanic.

South California would include five counties, including four with populations of over two million. Only two have a majority racial group. This would create a state with 10.81 million people that would have no majority racial group. However, the white population is fleeing and it would soon be majority Hispanic. After decades of the US government intentionally holding the border open, this region of the United States is destined to become overwhelmingly Hispanic. Decades from now, it may even be part of a new Latin American Country, such as Atzlan.

Population in millions, and percentage of largest racial group

Imperial – .18, 81.2% Hispanic
San Bernadino – 2.09, 50.5% Hispanic
Riverside – 2.27, 46.5% Hispanic
San Diego – 3.18, 47.6% White
Orange – 3.09, 43.1% White

An LA Dominated West California would include four counties. It would have 11.5 million people. Presently there is not a racial majority, but it is on the precipice of being majority Hispanic. White people and black people are fleeing the area. Like South California, this area is destined to be a majority Hispanic area, and may even be part of a new Latin American Country, such as Atzlan in the future.

Population in millions, and percentage of largest racial group

Los Angeles – 9.96, 48.2% Latino Hispanic
Ventura – .84, 47.7% White
Santa Barbara – .43, 43.8% White
San Luis Obispo – .27, 70.2% White

Silicon Valley would include seven counties. This would create a tri-racial state (White, Hispanic, Asian) based around the technology industry. The population would be 6 million. In the two most populated counties, Asians are about to pass whites as the largest ethnic group. The percentage of whites in this region is expected to shrink and the percentage of Asians is expected to surge. Ten more years of open borders and this could be a majority Asian region.

Santa Clara – 1.84, 34.3% White, 33.7% Asian
Alameda – 1.55, 33.5% White, 27.6% Asian
Contra Cosa – 1.08, 46.8% White
San Mateo – .74, 41.6% White
Santa Cruz – .27, 58.9% White
Monterrey – .47, 56.4% Hispanic
San Benito – .06, 57.3% Hispanic

Central California – This is a desert area with a huge number of counties. There are a few majority white rural counties, but these have small populations. The larger counties tend to have large Hispanic majorities. This would be a majority Hispanic state.

North California would include San Francisco and Sacramento. Whites have dipped below 50% in many of these counties, but they are still far away from a Hispanic majority. There are several counties with a large majority white population, including Sonoma County, which is a half million people and 66% white. This state would have a slight white majority. Splitting up California would probably send whites from Southern California moving to this state.

Jefferson would be a rural state with a small population and a large white majority.