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The internet is the greatest weapon against political correctness

Major media bosses now openly admit to censoring black crime. Many newspaper reporters and broadcast affiliate newsroom staff will also openly admit that they have been ordered to censor the race of black crime suspects.

The media blames white people for the shortcomings of blacks, but tries to censor what is actually going on in the black community.

White Americans are not fooled. The effort by “mainstream” media to distort reality is coming crashing down. The Trayvon Martin media mega-hoax only served to infuriate white Americans, not advance the left-wing/Marxist agenda that the media hoped for.

Take a look at this FOX News screen capture. This exact statistic was posted at the bottom right-hand side of this website for years, before it was used on FOX News. More and more people are following our lead.

Between 1976 and 2005, blacks averaged 13% of the population, but committed 56% of manslaughter killings and 53% of all felony murders. Historically the number of black homicide victims killed by blacks is 96% or higher. That number is coming down because of ethnic/gang warfare between blacks and Latinos. The Federal government classifies all blacks killed by Latinos and “White on Black” murders, to confuse the statistics. In states that tabulated murders with a Latino perpetrator, actual white on black murders are virtually non-existent.

To see that political correctness is being rejected by a large segment of Americans, look no further than youtube.