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The woman who was murdered for being white while campaigning for Barack Obama in a black neighborhood

If the races had been reversed, this would have been one of the biggest news stories of the past ten years.

Imagine if a young, attractive black woman had been campaigning for John McCain in a white neighborhood and a white man murdered her for the fun of it. This would have been the biggest news story in the entire western world. The national media would have talked about it for years.

Except it was a white woman campaigning for Barack Obama in an all black ghetto area of New Orleans. She was shot and killed along a busy road. The killer took nothing. She was killed purely for the fun of it. Not only did the media censor it, but the San Francisco Chronicle even ran a completely fake story, lying about the details of the murder, to cover it up! The victim’s own friends posted memorials online, but refused to talk about how she died.

Kirsten Brydum was a prominent Marxist activist in San Francisco. In 2008, she began travelling the country by train to campaign for Barack Obama. Fresh from protesting the Republican National Convention, she arrived in New Orleans with only a few possessions and an old bicycle. Online posts from Brydum and her network of friends confirmed she was in New Orleans to campaign for Barack Obama at the time of her death. These posts were scrubbed from the internet in the days after her murder.

She was riding her bicycle late at night on a main road in an all black ghetto area of New Orleans. She was shot and killed for the fun of it. It was a textbook hate crime. New Orleans police said that “robbery was not the motive” and that nothing was stolen. Her old, ratty bicycle was still laying next to her. Despite being shot in a densely populated urban area, no one called police to report the gunshot. He body then sat on the sidewalk for hours and still no one called police. It wasn’t until city workers drove by, and say the body, that police were informed.

The militant far-left San Francisco Chronicle then launched a cover-up by publishing a completely fake story about her murder. They falsely claimed she was on vacation in New Orleans and killed for her bicycle. Later, a particularly left-wing writer at the New Orleans paper would write a follow up story, not based on the facts or the police report, but on the fake San Francisco Chronicle story. Even though the New Orleans The Times‑Picayune had already reported that her bicycle wasn’t stolen, they published a second fake story claiming she was murdered for her bicycle. Brydum’s friends stated online that her bicycle was a piece of junk that lacked any value.

Our original story from October 3rd, 2008.

Kirsten Brydum: Her own friends won’t talk about how she died.

A website called the “Black Foot Soldier Network” mocked the murder of Kirsten Brydum online.