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WA Gov. panders to NAACP by suspending death penalty for three black men who brutally murdered white women.

WA Governor Jay Inslee has unilaterally suspended the death penalty sentence of all nine Washington State death row inmates. Four of the monsters on death row killed women in brutal hate crime murders. Three of the victims were white and one was Asian.

Jay Inslee claims that the application of the death penalty is not applied equally. This means that he thinks too many black people are on death row. The main group that wanted the death sentences suspended was the NAACP. The WA NAACP claims that the death penalty proves that the justice system is “racist.”

NAACP leaders were ecstatic when the announcement was made.

Gov. Jay Inslee claims that he spent months consulting with the families of the victims first. This appears to be a bold faced lie. The family of Geneine Harshfield (see below) says that the Governor never contacted them.

Special thanks to New Nation News for researching this issue.

From Left to Right

18 year old Jade Harmony Moore was held hostage, raped, and beaten to death with a baseball bat in 1996.

12-year-old Cassie Holden of Pocatello, Idaho was bludgeoned to death while visiting her mother in Washington State in 1988.

43-year-old Geneine Harshfield was tied up, raped, and slashed to death in Tacoma in 1996.

Photo from UK Mail Online. Gov. Inslee appears to have lied when he said he consulted the families of the victims.