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Wisconsin taxpayers to fund extremist White Privilege conference

Marxist, white hating extremists have put this image on billboards in Minnesota,

Another “White Privilege” conference is coming, and Wisconsin taxpayer are being forced to pay for the entire thing. In 2011, the conference was held in Minneapolis and was protested by members of the CofCC.

Earlier this year, the CofCC launched an online campaign against the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction[DPS]. Wisconsin DPS was using taxpayer dollars to launch a “white privilege” bracelet campaign.  They were asking school children to wear white bracelets to remind themselves that they are racist oppressors. After this website mobilized opposition on social media, DPS scrubbed the campaign from their website and was denying everything.


Lucia Nunez, the head of the City of Madison’s Department of Civil Rights, told Media Trackers that the City of Madison spent $1,500 sponsoring the White Privilege Conference and has one staff member who is helping coordinate the event.

The City of Madison, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and the Madison Area Technical College are all co-sponsoring a White Privilege Conference to be held in Madison in March. All three entities receive taxpayer money.

Promotional material for the March 26 through March 29 event bills it as “a conference that examines challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world.”

While open to the public, organizers appear to particularly target students, educators and activists as potential attendees. The conference website,, features a selection of videos from previous meetings. In one video, a woman identifies herself as a teacher and says she can’t wait to get back into the classroom to encourage her students to think about white privilege and how it affects them.

Coincidentally, in March of 2013 education watchdog uncovered materials on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s website encouraging teachers to have students wear a white wristband to remind them of white privilege. The discovery made national news before the Department eventually deleted the webpage.

There is no evidence that the DPI project was tied to the White Privilege Conference in anything but shared ideology.

The WPC is organized by the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion, which is housed at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. This year’s event marks the fifteenth conference, and only once before has it been held in Wisconsin.