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A Brick To The Face – Study of racial propaganda by the media

Imagine if a group of white 8-14 years olds attacked a random black couple and smashed the female victim in the face with a brick. This would be the biggest news story in the entire western world. Every media outlet in the United States would scream “racially motivated white on black hate crime.” This would be a national story for months. There would be mini-documentaries about it. The national media would revisit it over and over for years. Professional racial agitation groups like the SPLC would revisit the attack over and and over for decades.

Instead this story is quarantined to local media only. Every media outlet in Philadelphia is censoring the fact that the perps are black.

Here is our original coverage. It is up to YOU to get this story out! The “mainstream” media is censoring this story. They are not telling the truth. Share our articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. That is the only way to get the real news out to the general public.