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Brutal hate crime mob attack at bus stop in Minneapolis.

Media logic: White victims of random black on white hate crime violence are only hate crime victims if they happen to by homosexual or Jewish.

A white male was horrifically beaten in a random hate crime. He has serious injuries. Minneapolis has seen a HUGE number of random black on white hate crime attacks and the media covers it up. The media wouldn’t even be reporting this story except the victim just happened to be homosexual. So it is depicted as an anti-homosexual crime.

The media in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market are some of the worst offenders in the nation when it comes to censoring hate crime against white people. They always refuse to report the race of the perpetrators.

This website exposed the mass censorship of black on white hate crime violence against University students in Minneapolis. We used bulletins from the UM campus police website to learn the truth about the “crime wave” on campus. Every single crime for months had a black perpetrator and much of the crime were random hate crime style attacks on white people. Immediately after this website exposed the coverup, black students groups and black faculty members started demanding that the campus police censor the race of crime perpetrators on their bulletins.