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Daughter of Congressman Jim Clyburn to police Columbia, SC media for Obama regime

The Obama regime is launching a program to police local media for “bias.” The program will determine if “underserved populations” are receiving “critical information.”

The program is being tested in Columbia, SC which is a 33% black market. Goon squads from the FCC will invade the media offices of Columbia, SC and make demands. Since every broadcast media outlet has to be licensed through the FCC, they will be easily intimidated into obeying the demands of the Obama regime.

What makes it even more ominous is one of the key individuals behind this. FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is one of the people running the program. She is the daughter of left-wing Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn. She was appointed by Barak Obama

Her qualifications? She ran a tiny black advocacy newspaper in Charleston that was given away for free and had a minuscule readership. She ran the paper for fourteen years. She wanted to sell it, but it had no value. So it simply went defunct when she left.

In other words, one of the top five people running the FCC has no qualifications other than being the daughter of the king of black politics in South Carolina.

This is the woman who is going to decide of the media in Columbia, SC is providing “critical information” to the “underserved.” What this means is, whether or not the media is providing black people with marching orders from Obama.