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European media perpetrating a hoax concerning anti-Jewish crime

All across Europe, attacks on Jewish people are increasing. Almost all of the attacks are perpetrated by Muslims, much of whom have a Semitic background.

The European media censors the identity of the perpetrators and calls it “anti-Semitic” crime. Then they often throw in references to Nazism. This is an intentional attempt to make people think that the perpetrators of the attacks are Christian Europeans and not Muslim Semites.

These are Muslim Semite on Jewish Semite hate crimes, not “anti-Semitic hate crimes.”

This college newspaper falsely blames white people for attacks on French Jews. It even falsely claims the same perps target Muslims. This article is 100% a hoax. Almost all violence against Jews in France is perpetrated by Muslim immigrants. Almost all violence against Muslims in France is perpetrated by other immigrants.

The article, written by a Jewish student, claims attacks on ethnic Jews show that more laws against free speech are needed.

From The Lamron…

This is not just an isolated incident perpetrated by a fringe group of anti-Semites. A recent report by the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency found that 76 percent of the 5,000 European Jews surveyed noted an uptick of anti-Semitism in their respective countries.

Though the strengthening of hate speech laws may seem to be a reasonable, measured response to Europe’s anti-Semitism problem, it does little to get at the root of the issue. Anti-Semitism comes from centuries and centuries of repression and stereotypes that have plagued the Jewish community for time immemorial.

The hate speech laws pushed by European leaders are a convenient way for them to condemn their constituents’ anti-Semitism without addressing its shameful persistence. France in particular has seen a surge in hyper-nationalism over the past few years. The movement emphasizes the inherent superiority of French culture.

France’s anti-Semitism is not just limited to demonstrations. In 2012, the murder of three Jewish children and their teacher in Toulouse set off a spate of anti-Semitic hate crimes, including grave vandalism and assault among dozens of others.

Clearly, hate speech legislation is doing little to curb actual hate crimes. All these laws do is criminalize nonviolent – albeit deplorable – rhetoric, while crimes that threaten the safety and livelihoods of European Jews continue unabated.

France’s renewed nationalist streak also targets the country’s Muslim population, which counts 1.5 million members. A major criticism of the hate speech laws is the French courts’ reluctance to extend protections under these laws to Muslim hate crime victims.

Jewish man beaten by North African Muslim immigrants in France. He was leaving a Jewish restaurant when he was attacked. White French pedestrians rushed to his aid and probably saved his life. European media made it a big story but falsely mislead readers to believe the perps were white, ethnic French Neo-Nazis.