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HIV+ St. Louis college wrestler videotaped himself having unprotected sex with over thirty men


  • CPM

    So, LeFlore County is majority black. That means they likely have all black politicians and government officials. That means that nothing works the way it was designed to.

    Jesse? Al? Hussein? Holder? Any of you worthless clowns planning on stepping up and seeing that justice is done?

    Yea, didn’t think so.

  • News For Whites

    Posted on Twitter. I’ll be calling in the morning. They can expect major calls! Tell the family we stand united behind them!!

  • becky21k

    Clearly, to black people this sort of behavior is acceptable.

    Which, hey, then stop crying when we shoot you.

    • The Walking Poison

      Why is the Second Amendment fundamentally racist? Because negroes commit huge amounts of violent crime, thus disproportionately making themselves legal targets.

  • Puggg

    Leflore County MS.

    Wikipedia says it’s 68% black. Which explains why the county mounties are dragging their heels.

    Wikipedia also says that from an almost peak of 53k people in 1940, it’s been declining sometimes briskly sometimes slightly and it’s down to 32k today.

  • cjkw67

    If 2 boys raped my daughter and I knew who they were, no matter their race, I would mete out my own justice!!!!

    • Chris

      Same here. These two “Boys” would quietly disappear and end up crow feed.

      • Helena Vd Berg Seaborne


    • Charles Martel


  • Mike Goldsberry

    Absolutely disgusting animals. I promise, I would NOT ask the “authorities” for help…. My prayers are going out for this baby and her family.

    • Baltimore

      Cant believe in this day & age , these ‘animals’ commiting crimes like this with impunity ! .

  • Mike Goldsberry

    Posted on fb AND Twitter, emailed and I WILL be calling both numbers in the morning.

    • Conrad

      I have contacted both the Sheriff’s Office & the AG of MS.

  • News For Whites

    I’m going to be tweeting this over and over all day and night tomorrow, same with a Facebook account. Get this message out there far and wide, but most importantly CALL! It does no good if people are not calling and harassing the police to get moving on this case! These “lads” think they have gotten away with this, but I won’t allow it. Also call the media and demand they cover it, especially Nancy Grace and Rush.

  • Donald Hale

    I’m calling Wednesday Morning…

  • OrderMakerIsRebel

    The more blacks are in the police and in positions of authority, the more it’s going to become like South Africa. Affirmative Action needs to be killed in every town and state, and whites need to come together and start segregating again, consciously and intentionally — damn the hue and cry of the Marxists, the Jews, the transparently false liberals, the idiots — and the blacks.

    • Wolfe Hoffmann

      150% Truth and through intensely researched articles like ( Into the Cannibals Pot ) by Ilanna Mercer the future of North America is assuredly to become a White Genocide crisis country just as South Africa is today ! Incredibly it has already begun since the Trayvon Martin trial Black on White horrific murderous violence and deviancy has spiked to unseen or unheard of levels in America today through mass rashes of individual rape homicide and indecent acts to a body usually set on fire while still alive ! We are becoming an endangered species and the Black House is the last place that cares while they fun the Marxist Ideological ethnic cleansers or White Genocide orchestrators called the African National Congress !!! Blatant Disgusting Horrific and due time to protect our own like this innocent little White Child clamp them back in damn chains and make them pick till they die !!!

  • Wolfe Hoffmann

    This child,s innocence was ripped violently from her and is of paramount importance for justice must be done and i implore all of you to not forget about the South African White Genocide and realize these crimes happen every hour upon the hour there and if you are found alone and weaponless you can be set on fire if Caucasian it is that bad so please raise awareness for both of these despicable animalistic lack of all moral fibre and IQ acts of hate ! Thankyou and if you are White stay armed may God be with you

  • Rhonda Clark

    web site a must see 28 Africians gang rape 11 year old girl see pictures, ….15 year old gang raped at prom, …and 3 boys beat white boy on bus….WW3 vet beat to death…..CNN and ABC CBS NSNBC will not cover the story ALL BLOG SITES LIKE FACE BOOK WILL TAKE YOUR COMENTS DOWN , IF YO TALK ABOUT WHAT A BLACK DID…we have a big problem on , 9-11 1 million muslims willl march in DC….and 2 million bike riders will protest muslim march….Camp out at white house to protest how whites are being treated, and do not forget the Man beaten to death from Astrailla….or …Black flash mobs beat white man to death….or in Britian…Black cuts head off of British police….We are in genocide, and Obama says nothing! please camp out at White House, and Impeach Obama, the race Baiting Home grown Muslim Brotherhood terriost I L L E G A L …Terriost from Kenya

    • Pjs8200

      Wow….racism much?

      • HamletsGhost

        Wow….stupid much?

        • Pjs8200

          Obviously not as much as you.

    • Rhonda Hill Sihocky

      FB has taken it down 3 times on my husbands

  • FlPatriot98

    This is unbelievable, but then again it was unbelievable that the attorney general of the united states Eric WithHolder would sue the state of Arizona for enforcing Federal Law!!!! Our government is no different now than a third world banana republic!!!!!

    • Matthew Fleisher

      He’s also suing Texas for voter ID even after the Supreme Court overturned the law that prevented it. Our Attorney General likes to sue the fed and has actually won quite a few.

  • haroldcrews

    If you encounter a local official who won’t do his duty and enforce the law you don’t go to those same officials and tell them to do their jobs. You go over their heads. The Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is who ought to be contacted.

    • Conrad

      If I am reading this correctly the crime was committed in MS, therefore you need to contact both the Sheriff & the Attorney General of MS.

  • WendellWillkie

    I wonder how we can get this picked up by Drudge and Yahoo. This is awesome right here, but I want to see it go viral.

    • News For Whites

      Keep emailing them, calling them, send emails to other talk show hosts, hell I even left a message for Colmes. Hit up ever name you know, even your local news people, TV, radio and newspapers.

    • Josey Wales

      You can rest assured it WON’T. You see, it happened to a WHITE CHILD and does not fit the narrative of poor black vs. evil racist whitey. I know dang skippy what would be the next course of action if this were MY baby child…..

      • News For Whites

        While I agree with your general assessment, you never give up hope when it comes to a White child. Period.

    • News For Whites

      Contact the Sheriff, AG, local and national media outlets, the talking heads themselves and use Social media as much as humanly possible.

  • Wendy Shores

    Someone needs to put out a sign that says “Have gun, will travel” No wonder vigilante justice is so rampant in this country!

    • Sick of it

      Vigilante justice is rare in modern America or we would no longer have much violent crime.

  • Pjs8200

    I find it curious that a Google search only turns this story up on conservative websites, but no news stations. But aside from that, anyone in this country that says racism is dead only has to read the comments here to realize that’s complete BS.

    • WendellWillkie

      That’s because the others just haven’t picked it up yet – but we’re working on it. Gotta start somewhere.

      • Pjs8200

        They haven’t picked up on it yet? A 12 year old girl raped by 2 guys and they just haven’t picked up on it but it’s on 4 conservative sites only. Sorry…but there’s a whole lot more to this that we’re not being told.

  • Helena Vd Berg Seaborne

    ill kill them myself

    • Conrad

      Those that talk NEVER do, and those that do NEVER talk.
      You should be aware that EVERY law enforcement organization in the country watches these sites.

      • Helena Vd Berg Seaborne


  • RightUnite

    Not sure why vigilante justice hasn’t been served yet….. They’re not going to get any justice going to the police… Just sayin…..

  • suthengal78

    This seems nothing unusual for MS to do this. DHS has thrown out many files from other states, where an incident happens. Hope that this family can find a great attorney to sue the county, if not the state for discrimination and what ever else they can find. I know a family in another state where a child was molested in MS and DHS has thrown out the file. Massive federal offense, but none the less this isn’t the first problem with this state not following the laws they implement to protect children. Seems they want to protect the blacks and drug addicts more than the child.

    • foundingstockcracker

      Just went to the Facebook page and read about the rape kit situation. Note that these time lags serve the perp’s. I also would not doubt as to evidence tampering. Justice will not be served in this case.

      • suthengal78

        I just hope that they have one heck of an attorney. I recommend they get one that graduated Ole Miss Law back in the 70s or 80s. They will hold the county responsible for their actions. Hard to find, but they need to get one immediately. DHS and and law enforcement agency as well as the judicial system are extremely crooked in MS. They need to hit the new stations and main stream media channels and bring this to the attention of the American people. This should not be happening to anyone in this country, and must stop.

      • News For Whites

        The rape kit and the DNA tests on the “boys” are suppose to be in front of the judge tomorrow, but they still haven’t tested the little perps.

  • itsplainandsimple

    tree + rope = problem resolved and future rape/murder victims saved

  • rich

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  • RichardWardAnderson

    There is one quality and only one quality that the White man must take from the Black; Racial Solidarity. We used to have it and we have let the traitors among us steal it away with their ceaseless propaganda from Hollywood, the “news” media, Washington D.C., and the schools. We will never get anywhere until we ostracize the traitors.

  • Charles Martel

    Is there a link to a newspaper or other article for this? I would like to link this on some liberal sites which would only complain or remove a link cross referencing this site.

    • News For Whites

      The news will not cover it until there are arrests.

  • Orwell

    Castration is a start!

  • Defend The Constitution

    Since liberty depends upon morality, liberty cannot survive where majority opinion favors the immoral plunder of some in the names of fairness, progress, and social justice for others.

  • Th1rdeyeRS111

    Thanks for the multicult libs.

  • Sabido Robles

    The USA needs a race war! They need to start hunting down, lynching and shooting ni99ers on sight!

  • George Allegro

    That “all men are by nature equally free and independent” has been largely replaced with a simplified expression of “free and equal”.

  • Ograf

    It isn’t like any white women who had sex with this clown hasn’t been warned. So if they did it to be liberal and non racist and understanding then they can die with it. No great loss.

  • Andy

    Men not women……HIV positive student ‘could have filmed himself having unprotected sex with more than 30 men he met online’

    Read more:

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I don’t know what his weight-class WAS, but I know what it’s gonna be in year or two…

  • gah

    This is not in the least bit surprising.
    Like crime, blacks are leaders in AIDS infections, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Most white women who have AIDS got it from having sex with a black.

  • dave

    He should be castrated and locked in a cage by himself for the rest of his short life.

  • Count_Yob

    Homosexual men like to give other homosexuals the “gift” of AIDS. It qualifies the recipient for a lifetime of unearned benefits.

    • bear grylls

      Yes we had a patient with HIV.On his release he demanded his lab results that would show what is HIV status was so he could apply for aid.Now I know why homosexuality and prostitution are and were illegal.Frequent anonymous sex is dangerous for everyone.

  • Jeffrey Denton

    How many were white? That’s all I care about. If they were White, then they deserved the “gift” he gave them.

  • RichardWardAnderson

    Looks just like the son of The Supreme Leader from a coupling with Eric Beria Holder. This…critter…has a great life ahead of him being a member of not just one favored group but of three: Black, Homosexual, and HIV positive. A wonderful future coming up living off of the White taxpayer. I have a dream.

  • Rushpaul Rush

    build a gallows on campus and invite everyone to see the demise of this disease ridden pos

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Lindenwood is located in St. Charles County, MO, one of the Whitest and wealthiest counties in MO, until the STATE started busing ni**ros out there to its public high schools. Believe ME, most St. Charles residents would LOVE to erect a gallows for “non-indigenous” individuals like this…

  • Spychiatrist


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