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Is Lindsey Graham a compromised homosexual

Lindsey Graham is accused of being a closeted homosexual by both the right and the left. However, the real question is whether or not his homosexuality is being used to blackmail him.

Washington DC insiders believe that Larry Flint spent $1 million to obtain compromising photographs of Lindsey Graham and think those pictures are being used to blackmail him.

Lindsey Graham made a name for himself by attacking Bill Clinton. His reputation for being hard on Clinton propelled him from the House to the Senate. Yet once in the Senate he became a big government leftist and champion of open borders.

Larry Flint had offered a one million dollar reward for compromising photographs of any of the politicians involved in having Bill Clinton impeached for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. In 2010, Flint announced he had evidence that a prominent Republican Senator was secretly homosexual. DC insiders immediately assumed it was Graham.

Flint promised to out the Senator in two months if he didn’t come out of the closet on his own. Flint reneged on this promise.

Others have pledged to provide evidence that Lindsey Graham is homosexual as well, but always renege.