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Media desperate to censor string of black on white hate crime attacks in Iowa

Ames, Iowa is a small city that is only 3.4% black. So it is shocking to see multiple black on white hate crime attacks in the city. However, you should keep in mind that Iowa has one of the highest black murder rates in the nation. The black murder rate in Iowa is 13 times the national white murder rate.

In 2010, blacks made up 2.9% of Iowa. Yet they committed 30.8% of all murders. So even though Iowa has a very small black population, that population is extremely violent.

Most of the Iowa media is in TOTAL LOCKDOWN CENSORSHIP MODE. They are censoring all pictures of the victims and all descriptions of the perpetrators. They absolutely don’t want the public to know that these are black on white hate crime attacks.

The video clip below is the only one we could find that shows some of the victims and identifies the perps as black.

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