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Meet the most prolific African-American inventor and entrepreneur of our time

For the past month public libraries, public schools, universities, newspapers, and television station have been talking about great “African-American” inventors. Many of the claims, such as the refrigerator, traffic light, ect. are completely false. Others like George Washington Carver, only took out patents for his own version of existing inventions, none of which were ever commercially successful. Others falsely give sole credit to one person, when multiple people are named in the patent.

However, one African-American mega-star inventor has been completely left out! Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa. He obtained Canadian citizenship when he was 17 and eventually moved to the United States. This great African-American is a modern day Thomas Edison, because he has the ability to create ground breaking products and is a highly successful businessman (many of the greatest inventors died poor).

This African American made $22 million off of a software company he co-founded within a matter of a few years. He went on to co-found Paypal, SpaceX, and become CEO of Tesla Motors!

Elon Musk funded the software company Zip2 with his brother. Musk received $22 million when the company was purchased by Compaq. Musk then co-founded, which later merged with Confinity and was re-branded as PayPal. Musk received $165 million from the sale of PayPal to Ebay.

If that wasn’t enough, Elon Musk then co-founded SpaceX which has put NASA to shame and reshaped the future of space exploration. SpaceX has shown that private companies will probably dominate space exploration in the future, not bloated government bureaucracies.In 2012, SpaceX became the first private company to have a vehicle dock with the International Space Station. The vehicle used transported cargo to the station at a fraction of the price of anything ever created by NASA. SpaceX intends to transport humans into space in the near future.

Musk became CEO of Tesla motors in 2008. This man him a front man on the cutting edge of both private sector space exploration and some of the world’s most advanced electric cars.

Yet all of this was not enough. Musk started another company called SolarCity to design advanced solar panels. If that wasn’t enough, Musk started a project called Hyperloop. This would be a futuristic airtube transport system that would allow commuters to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes.