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Obama gets no applause for speech in Holland

After giving a transparently disingenuous speech about privacy and individual rights at the Hague, one person is heard giving a very weak clap. No one else claps at all.

  • Nevsky

    The Emperor Has No Clothes.

  • patrioticvigilantie

    No one can trust or believe anything that comes from his mouth, If you have not notice Mr, Prez, most educated people has lost faith in you and Washington. Your and the 95% of the American leadership has lost its integerity. This is why one should tell the truth or at least not tell a bold face lie, at best you could say, I don’t know) this could of saved you from alot of pain to us all. But as for us Americans who are stuck with you there really is very little you could do to restor trush and integerity in washington with the exception of resigning. then the healing can begin and Washingtion has alot of other lawmakers (most) should follow,
    Richard Nixon was a crook and a lier, but what he had that no one seem to have today in Washington is integerity, Nixon saved Washington, and the Trust of the people to there Government by doing so, If you are a true american and a real Person who cares for your country and Government You need to Resign.
    Or you can keep doing what you are doing, and have to live knowing that you childeran and grandchilderen will be seeing that you may have been one of the worst prez, in history…..
    I did have hope that you would change things in washington for the better for the people. But you Idea of Change was not what you sold to us all…..

    • Mike W.

      “most educated people”
      Hah! reading the rest of your post makes it obvious you are not among their number.

      • patrioticvigilantie

        naa i am, but my phone spell correcting is making life tough to post the right words.

  • Timothy Adams

    Isn’t the Hague where war criminals are tried in international court? Can’t someone arrest these Americans when they go there and promptly convict them?

    • Intruder

      You try try him in the same court that his handlers own……..

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Wow. They gave him a peace prize not long ago. Now they treat him like a bad comic in a back street dive. Apologies to bad comics who are either trying to do better or on their career ender.

    The Brown Prince thinks he is doing just great! I would not be surprised if in his Diary he writes, “Gave speech at the Hague on American Values. Boy they loved it. Ran long because I could not get away. Need a smoke bad. Missed Reggie Love. Big M wants to go shopping.”

    • mofosheee

      A piece prize for having done absolutely nothing. Makes one wonder about the value of the “peace prize”

      • Anto de Chav

        The nobel price is a joke.. Koffi Annan has one as one get one free..

  • Ian Wright

    What a retard. Really, he is the worst thing ever to happen to America and the world.

    • Bartek

      No, the worst thing to happen to America was Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs, with a close second being the Heart-Celler Immigration Laws of 1963.

      • Global Minority

        Yep! He sure was. And lest we forget the USS Liberity bombing and coverup directed by LBJ!

        • Tim Marston

          Damn the global elite cabal!

  • Chris

    Not defending Obama but that wasn’t a speech, it was a Q and A session. I don’t know why anyone would clap.

    • Jenkem Huffington

      Very good point. The fact is that impressing the “world community” should be the last thing on our priority list. IMO our foreign policy should be “F*** you!” We’ll look out for our own, keep our money at home, protect our own borders, and you all can keep your globalism, socialism, and other multicult trash. A president that was actually looking out for our best interest would be booed by the other “world leaders” Though I imagine that the novelty of a talking monkey being president has worn thin.

    • MacLusitanisen

      That’s what I was thinking. He probably gave his speech, the crowd (most likely) applauded, then they went into the Q & A. This sure this wasn’t a crowd of people off the street. This was a group of the media and political class.

    • macs adams

      What you saying the press never claps bull

  • dave

    No applause means Holland will be next on Obama’s list of enemies. You should have clapped like the sheeple in America do when he lies to your face.

  • Daniel

    Surprised no shoe was thrown.

    • mlm

      Oh! Damn! wouldn’t you have loved to be the one to throw it! Shoe thrown at bush is my favorite clip of all time!

  • Bartek

    Why personalize the American government with the spokes model or the supporting cast of face men?
    The representative Republic is a sham and has been for decades.
    The “President” has no real authority and hasn’t for decades. These people do what they are told and are paid to do, or they end up dead (politically or literally).

    • Tim Marston

      The Globalization of this once great republic will completely allow them to roll out the eugenics based programs in full glory of the power of the state; the people must awaken and stop the on coming storm of martial law. This is not communist china.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    This must have come as a shock: The Bolshevik-in-Chief is used to a sycophant chorus from the Corrupt Leftist Media and communist party members in his administration who applaud his every utterance…

    • Reverend Bacon

      I think that’s it. It’s possible that there was no expectation of applause by the Hague audience, since it was a news conference after all. But the servile US media has simply made him expect it. He sure looked like he was waiting for the applause, like a stiffed bellman lingering around long after he’d delivered the suitcases, in anticipation of a tip.

      This could simply be a cultural misunderstanding, like when Jimmy Carter kissed QE2 on the kisser. She never forgave him for that, I understand, especially since he admitted to Playboy he had “lust in his heart.”

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Very humorous, as always. I like your analogy of the “stiffed” Bell-BOY…

  • Billy the worm

    no is clapping anymore

  • katzkiner

    Next time he will bus in a standing ovation and a few fainters like he does in the USA.

    • dave

      Or pipe it in through loudspeakers.

  • Junter

    Maybe we can keep circulating him on speaking tours abroad until he’s out of office. Add a disclaimer that his views are his alone and not shared by the people of the US.

  • mlm

    And justly so! Big fat homosexual liar!

  • The_Questman

    There’s an old saying… Eventually you get exactly what you really deserve.

    This has been a long time coming.

  • Danny K. Smith

    One Big Ass Mistake, America

    • Reverend Bacon


  • Zeeba Neighba

    This was a press conference. Reporters don’t applaud. But then, ignoring major details like that is pretty much par for the course for this web site.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Duh. He was baiting the audience into applauding they didn’t suck up to his BS. He’s the Messiah! Remember? Go back to your PC media and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

      • Zeeba Neighba

        Duh yourself. The right-wing Daily Caller even issued a correction:

        Although as a journalist myself, I’d note that applause after a presser is not “less common” but “unheard of.” That’s one of the things they drill into you in your first reporting class.

        • tlk244182

          Which class drills “tell the truth?”

          • LACountyRedneck


    • Doug Murray

      In the U S the press always applaud because, like you, they are his ass kissers.

  • LACountyRedneck

    “Thank you very much everybody. Thank you again.” Then put his hands up. He was baiting the audience into applauding and they simply did not. Too bad you didn’t bring a few of your Obama zombies with you, Obongo.

  • Zeeba Neighba

    It’s a press conference, people. No one applauds after a press conference, though that doesn’t stop the liars who run this site from trying to make hay out of it. The Daily Caller even admits it:

  • Brooklyn_Michael

    So…..President has press conference, and the journalists covering it do not break out in applause afterwards. Which means Obama is bad. Had they applauded – which, y’know, doesn’t happen in PRESS CONFERENCES – y’all would’ve claimed proof the press is in the tank for Obama.

    Just no pleasing some people. Especially the really dumb ones.

  • Delhoghe

    He should have mentioned Sodomites and abortion. Might have gotten a few reporters to break protocol.

  • katpac

    He doesn’t seem too proud of the values of the US

  • Willys36

    That has to be the funniest (and saddest) clip I have seen for a long, long time. Look at this consummate fool standing in front of international audiences spouting his arrogant, self-absorbed, Marxist rhetoric and think of what we had a couple decades ago with the all-Amereican, larger than life, inspiring the whole world to be a better place, Ronald Regan. I have never been less proud to be an American.

    • Cravenmorehead

      I can’t stand Obomba but you’re an idiot to worship Iran -Contra Ronnie Ray Gun

      • Willys36

        You know what, I’ll bet your comment makes sense to someone.

  • Mike W.

    That was a press conference not a speech. They don’t get to ask questions at a “speech” and the don’t clap at press conferences. You rednecks are grasping at straws, anything to try and paint Obama in a bad light. Try again.

    • Heimdalls Henchman

      You say redneck like its a bad thing, I think being a flaming liberal f-g like your self is the bad thing. ?
      And nobody has to paint nothing, the numerous Scandals he’s been involved in paints a pretty good pic…

    • LACountyRedneck

      Covering up for a scumbag. It ain’t gonna help.

    • Doug Murray

      You are a real idiot and so is obama because he was expecting applause. Is he too stupid to know the applause is not expected at a press conference. Thewhole point is that the moron expected applause at a press conference. Now go put your lips back on his ass.

    • Vector

      Look white boy defend your own kind, we take care of our own sucka.

  • Saggin Gin

    No applause? Why….because he already has the clap from sucking off Holder.

  • Dark Matter

    If he watched the teleprompter he got applause from all the dead voters that put it in office.

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