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Philly police post video from racially motivated brick attack directly to youtube

Unified censorship campaign by the Philly media thwarted when police release video directly to the public on youtube.

Make no mistake. If it wasn’t for the police posting this directly to youtube themselves, we would never be seeing it. The Philly media has been censoring this hate crime.

Notice the video starts out by listing the location and describing the perpetrators as “black females.” This was in the police report given to local media, but all local media outlets censored both the race and gender of the perps. At the end of the video, Philly police list a detailed description of the four perps standing in front of the pack. They describe them as 16-17. There are some younger looking black females behind them. The two victims apparently described the perps are 8-14.

This highlights the need for police department to release information directly to the public. The media censors everything. However, in some cases you actually have police departments that are working hand in hand with media to censor black crime. This is the case with the Newark police. They give copies of all the police reports to the Newark “Red” Star-Ledger, who openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime. When anyone else goes to the police station to get a copy of a crime report, the police refuse to co-operate.