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Poll: Does Russia have a right to annex Crimea?

Ukrainian flag with Tryzub

Ukrainian flag with Tryzub

The Russian parliament voted unanimously to authorize military action in the Crimean Peninsula. Most of the peninsula is part of the Ukraine, but it is the most pro-Russian district. Only 28% of the population are ethnic Ukrainians. The majority are Russians, and most of the rest are Tartars. A small corner of the peninsula is leased to the Russian navy.

Pro-Russian militias have been blocking the bridges to keep the pro-Ukrainian demonstrators and the Ukrainian military from entering the district. Russia has mobilized naval forces and has a small amount of troops at the airports in Crimea.

Barack Obama and John Kerry seem willing to start WWIII over the Crimea, which the USA has no stake in. Crimea is just one of numerous territories left over by the Soviet Union that is in a state of ethnic/national limbo. Others include Transnistria (breakaway corner of Moldova, Abkhazia (breakaway chunk of Georgia), South Ossetia (besieged pro-Russian chunk of Georgia), Chechnya (Muslim district in Russia fighting for an Islamic state), and more. Estonia and Lithuania also have large Russian districts created by the Soviet Union to forcibly integrate the Baltics. These are also a source of major conflict today.

Of all the problems left over by the Soviet Union, some would say Crimea is an easy fix. A Russian plan to annex Crimea and grant easy Russian citizenship to ethnic Russians in the Ukraine could ease the conflict in the Ukraine.

Does Russia have a right annex Crimea?

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Should America try to stop Russia from annexing the Crimea?

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  • Michael Mason

    Ukraine must avoid becoming a full member of the EU. The EU is the current precursor to the New World Order. Their first step to weaken the people of any European nation is to import waves of subhumans from Africa and the Middle East.

    • Crimea is Russia

      Without a doubt. Putin is not a White knight in shining armor as some like to proclaim him to be. Russia would be better off with a true nationalist government instead of empire light under Putin, as would Ukraine out from Putin’s thumb, but the alternative being offered is worse. The EU is a deathtrap that is working not only to enslave Europeans to another unaccountable imperial structure, but outright working to completely destroy not only national identities, but the very existence of European people through unchecked non-White immigration and forced assimilation. For all his faults, Putin is not working for the genocide of the European people. Russia under Putin inherited ethnic problems due to Eurasian muslims in the old Soviet Republics. the EU has completely manufactured the problems and are hellbent on genocide of Europeans. The Ukrainians have no right to turn over ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine to such a beast.

  • 1776is1984

    I would say yes and no to that, but O’bummer telling the whole world how to manage things? heck NO! unless he wants some mushroom clouds coming.

    • Bartek

      Not so sure what I think of the mushroom clouds. On one hand they would stop the mass colonization and get rid of the midden pit cities. On the other they would all be targeted at the only nations that have remaining White populations.

  • Puggg

    Obama is doing himself a favor politically by seeming uninterested in the situation and issuing what everyone knows are idle threats. I would rather have him too uninterested than too interested here. If we get too interested, we’ll start another Yugoslavia at least (it may be heading there already without our “help”) and maybe even WW3.

    I don’t think Putin wants to overrun all of the The Ukraine. I think he just wants to protect ethnic Russians in The Ukraine and Russian shipping and naval interests in The Crimean Peninsula.

    As far as the other side, I’m not so sure if they’re Ukranian nationalists playing the US-EU cathedral for fools, or vice-versa, or about half and half. Either way, if the other side thinks they’ve won, they’ll start turning on one another because they’re two vastly different groups with vastly different interests.

  • Crimea is Russia

    Yes, Crimea is Russian not Ukraine. The communist dictator Khrushchev gave Crimea to the Ukraine, which was not his to give. It was as egregious of a crime as the Holodomor against Ukrainians was.

    • Puggg

      I predict it ends like this:

      Russia annexes the Russian parts of The Ukraine including Crimea, and The Ukraine, now a landlocked country officially, gets access, travel and transport rights to the Black Sea and the Crimea.

      Now that we know how it’s going to end, we should start it that way so there isn’t a lot more shooting and killing in between.

      Ukranian is half of my ethnic heritage.

      • Jay Pops

        Except that Ukraine won’t be landlocked. They’ll still have the port of Odessa and plenty of Black Sea access.

        • Puggg

          On the maps presented here, I don’t see any territory that is mostly Ukrainian that touches the Black Sea. However, a Russia-Ukraine treaty allowing the newly independent landlocked ethnostate and its citizens access and travel rights across former Ukrainian territory ceded to Russia shouldn’t be much of a hurdle.

  • Marty

    61% of you think Russia has the right to annex Crimea?!

    How brain dead are you Heroin-injecting mother-puckers?

    I can understand you’all being a bunch of yellow bitches and not wanting the U.S. to get involved. But Russia has the RIGHT to annex Crimea?!

    So when the majority of Texas is ethnically Mexican, Mexico has the right to invade an annex Texas. Hell, they have the RIGHT to annex southern California right now!

  • 4321realist

    There is NO WAY I would support a black run government as we have here that is creeping toward a South African scenario over a white country.

    In the event of a war, millions of us will be supporting Russia, where they don’t allow homosexuals, black thugs, and every kook, odd ball and misfit to dictate policy….especially the rabidly leftist geeks in the press.

    If it DOES go to war, they lefties will be sorry they turned the military into a social experiment, because Russia is as high tech as we are, but they have tougher, better trained soldiers.

    I just read an article where homosexuals in the military were presenting a show of homosexuals dressed in drag.

    If the men who died in the many theaters of war could see what they fought and died for they would have deserted.

    It’s a disgrace and it’s shameful.

    Can this country deteriorate any further?

    You can bet Russia, China, Iran and North Korea do not make the same idiotic mistakes.

    • Marc Hauser

      What are on about? Putin allows all kinds of muds into Russia…

    • hanfeedback

      +1 couldn’t have summed it up any better myself. This creeping towards a SA government I don’t support over my own people.

  • dave

    A significant earthquake has struck the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine within the last hour and Russian military sources are claiming it was a deliberate attack by the United States using it’s HAARP Array in Alaska, in retaliation for Russia placing troops into the Ukraine

  • Daniel

    Where is the “I don’t care” option in the poll?

    I find this activity more than a little convenient in light of the real crisis in the world — the global financial collapse which is still happening. The one possible up-side to all of this is that because the markets are run by speculation and emotion, this distraction may help heal the stupidity of the market but who knows. Whole European countries are failing. BRICS is working against the “rest of the world” to reduce US influence over the global flow of money and it has been working.

    Meanwhile, we’ve got a POTUS who doesn’t know how to war and is only prepared to war on the people of the USA and not a ‘real enemy.’

    This is a badly or conveniently timed crisis I must say and, to me, every bit as exciting as the Olympics… which incidentally, I didn’t watch either.

  • lyovmyshkin

    Crimea is declaring itself an independent Republic. They have as much right and legitimacy to do this as the mob had to depose the former president.

    In affect this Crimean situation was a fait accompli of the mob violence in the capital. It has made it clear to the ethnic Russians in Crimea that all one has to do to gain control is storm government buildings cease them and occupy.

    If America had a sensible or intelligent state department, it would not have encouraged this folly, and the whole world laughs when Kerry decries Russian actions, while covertly pursuing it’s interventionist foreign policy through proxies. America the world is laughing at you, and they are right to do so.

    God bless our brothers in Crimea.

    • katzkiner

      Our Kenyan has been fomenting trouble around the world. The “monkey with a grenade” as Putin called him is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths across the Middle East. When does he have to return the peace prize? Half of Americans can see this does not end well, the other half is on welfare.

    • freddy_hills

      “Crimea is declaring itself an independent Republic. They have as much right and legitimacy to do this as the mob had to depose the former president.”

      The mob didn’t depose Yanukovych. Parliament recalled him. His own political party even kicked him out after killing protesters. He’s now in hiding in Russia which shows he was a Russian puppet all along. Not surprising given his criminal history of robbery, assault, brutal beating and gang rape of a woman as well as forging documents to get his past criminal record expunged.

      As for Crimea, their parliament is more than welcome to recall their governor the same as Yanukovych. What they’re not allowed to do is declare independence. If they wish to be Russian citizens they can move to Russia.

      • lyovmyshkin

        “Protestors” you say?

        Thank you for a nice laugh. Protestors who were armed with handguns and erected trebuchets and catapults. “Freedom fighters” right? Are you sure this is the right site for you, the MSM has plenty of sites which will satisfy your naive and quixotic opinions.

        Excuse me who exactly decides what the region of Crimea is “allowed” to do? The government who have taken control after a violent mob seized the capital? Or the ethnic and cultural Russians who still support Yanukovych, the de jure president of the Ukraine?

        • freddy_hills

          I’ve been reading this site since the late 90’s. So, yes, I’m pretty sure this is the right site for me. I’ve never seen your name before, though. Clearly, you’re a Russian. We’re not. Perhaps you’re on the wrong site?

          • lyovmyshkin

            Forgive me sir. That was a rude assumption.

            No I am not a Russian, I am Australian. I am simply a fan of Dostoyevsky. Hence my avatar.

          • freddy_hills

            What part of Australia?

          • lyovmyshkin

            Smack bang in the middle of its FreeMasonic capital! :) Why?

          • freddy_hills

            Canberra eh? My wife’s cousins live in Canberra.

          • lyovmyshkin

            I’m sure she dislikes it with the same passion that I do then. :)

          • freddy_hills

            I dunno. I get the feeling they’re pretty leftwing. :(

        • Moto

          I agree with you. I am embarrassed daily by my country’s foreign policy and its utter hypocrisy in dealing with the rest of the world. Please remember that American government is not equal to “the wishes of the American people”. As a matter of fact, I would be shocked to learn that many of our elections were NOT rigged, and even if they were fair, the bureaucracy are the real governors of America, not the “elected” leaders.

          I’d like to stop these actions,which I view as hurting our interests and those of our allies, but Americans (as opposed to the U.S. government) are not terribly plugged into geopolitics.

          Most Americans don’t even know there is a U.N. and in order to have a real effect on these USG actions they would not only have to be aware of it but filled with an intense and burning hatred for it. The U.N. dictates the agenda, the E.U. follows it, and white people all over the world suffer for it.

          Maybe you guys from other parts of the world could help us out,though? The U.S. frequently sends U.S. citizens to other countries to agitate against the governments of those countries. Maybe you could send “Smash the U.N.” activists over here to give us a hand so that we could all be liberated?

          Failing that, I fear an intense hatred and scepticism of all of America is the only option left to you all in order to protect yourselves from the USG and its machinations. I would hate to see that happen. I love all people of European descent and I think we can all do far more good in the world working together than separately. Not working together like the EU or UN via a legal framework of obligations, but just a general sense of camaraderie and bonhamie and admiration/consideration for one another.

          • lyovmyshkin

            Well said sir.

            Trust me I completely separate your horrid and hostile elite who govern you, from all my European brothers in America.

            My entire worldview is based on considering myself and all of us part of the European Diaspora.

  • freddy_hills

    I think people are voting based on a false choice. They’re assuming this is a choice between the US-EU and Russia. If that were true then I’d vote for Russia as well. The US-EU leadership is comprised of corrupt elitists propping up their imperial ambitions through immigration. Flooding countries with immigrants who have no national loyalty prevents countries from regaining their national independence.

    Russia, by contrast, looks like a good option. But let’s not forget that it was the Soviets who supported the ANC, Castro, Chavez and every radical leftist in the US. They are NOT pro-white any more than the Nazis were. They’re pro-Russian and would sooner throw the rest of us under the bus.

    So I vote for “None of the Above.” Instead, I vote for Ukrainian sovereignty and nationalism.

  • LePatriote1980

    No to first question and yes to second question. Russia does not belong there at all and their invasion is clearly illegal.

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    Ukraine and Russia are among the last vestiges of highly populous white countries on Earth (about 50 million and 147 million) that have VERY SMALL overall non-white minorities. I wish them both the best for ANYTHING that keeps their demographics in line, and that seems to be AVOIDING being affiliated with the E.U. at all cost.

    Black and Brown people can’t seem to be bothered learning the Cyrillic alphabet, which is another advantage the Eastern Slavic nations have going for them.

  • mark fleagle

    Please place YOUR Congressman and Senators on speed dial.

    Tell Them. We are tired of the War mongering AIPAC loving Zionist and their Shills pounding the War Drums.

    Tell Them. We are tired of Manufactured Terrorism & Intervention into the Affairs of other Countries.

    Tell Them. We want out of the Middle East.

    Tell Them. We want the Zionist out of OUR Country.

    Tell Them. NO WARS for Bankers, NO WARS for Israel.

  • Uncle Bob

    End White on white violence!

    • hanfeedback

      Exactly the way I feel.

  • Tabludama

    If Obama goes to war with Russia it will be to further cull conservative whites out of the military by putting them into harms way in a mission impossible. He will replace them with leftist thugs and his toadies in homeland security and once they are sufficiently decimated the remnants will return to the USA to attack American citizens opposed to Obama.

  • Jeff Traube

    Putin may not be an open border Western liberal, but his kleptocracy is hardly admirable. He is dead wrong on collapse of Soviet Union as catastrophe of Century. On the contrary, Stalin overrunning of Baltics, Rumania and East Prussia, and part of Finland was the catastrophe (an apocalypse matched by Zionists in Palestine). German, Rumanian, Finnish, Slovak, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, French, Walloon, Spanish and Ukrainian troops all united against the Bolsheviks – there’s Europe. A new Ukraine may guards Europe’s Eastern frontier better than post-1965 Bolshevik America/Canada guard Europe’s North American outpost.

  • Mariusz Rosner

    Russia is a poor, lame country the tries to make a statement. Just like N.korea. Only some (very few) people in moscow and other large cities live at a decent level and have a chance to make some money. The rest of the country is backward and primitive where people make $50/month. I think the western world should kick their ass and show ’em where their place is.

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