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Race riot in Downtown Louisville. Media censors.

Note: There was a story in the Louisville news about a white man attacked at random by a black mob in Waterfront Park. This occurred the day BEFORE the big riot. It is probably safe to say that mob attacks by young blacks are occurring every weekend.

An estimated two hundred young blacks rioted in downtown Louisville over the weekend. Police document seventeen incidents of violence. At least three victims were sent to the hospital. At least one gas station was looted. A white female clerk was also beaten up at that gas station.

There was also a mob attack against a thirteen year old girl. A female motorist, with her children, was pulled out of her car and viciously assaulted.

The Louisville media outlets are refusing to state the race of the perpetrators or any victims. However, video surveillance shows the rioters are all young black males and females.

Notice that Channel 11 makes the story about the police response and not the actual perpetrators. Anything to deflect from the racial nature of the crimes.

From Channel 11 News…

“The first incident involved a man who was beaten and robbed after he tried to break-up what appears to be a physical assault and robbery of a 13-year-old girl,” Conrad said.

Many of the teens left after police responded to that incident at Waterfront Park, but only moved to another part of downtown.

“Officers were then called to the White Castle at 1st and Market Street where they dispersed a crowd of 70 to 80 disorderly people,” Conrad said.

A group of young men near the White Castle then started throwing trash cans at a woman in her stopped car.

“They kicked her car. She was punched several times in the head,” Conrad said. According to police, her children were passengers in the car.

Several young men from this same group then allegedly robbed the Bader’s Food Market and attacked the clerk. A different man was then attacked on third and Chestnut, according to police. But the violence did not stop there.

“Shortly after that, another man was robbed and assaulted at 5th and Broadway – again by a group of young men. He too, was taken to the hospital,” he added.

Assaults sent three people to University Hospital. Police only made one arrest.

This is a very unusual occurrence for our community,” Conrad said.

Police do not know what started the series of assaults, but believe insults on social media and the warmer weather are factors. Conrad sees a clear correlation between weather improving and an increase in crime.

Dispatchers continued to get calls about vandalism on downtown buildings and cars after police responded to final assault. They are asking for any information about who might have been in these groups, or who they might have assaulted.

“I am convinced that there were young people doing things they otherwise would not have done,” said Conrad. “I’m also convinced that there were in that crowd last night who knew things were going to get out of hand – who saw red flags – who could’ve called us,” Conrad said.