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Terrorist attack in China. 136 people stabbed, at least 27 dead. Muslims suspected.

YunnanAt least 27 people were stabbed to death in Southwestern China.

The attack took place at the Kunming Railway Station in the Yunnan Province. The victims included men, women, and children.

At least 136 people were stabbed in all. The attackers were eventually shot by police. The attackers were reportedly wearing some kind of uniforms.

Chinese authorities have not released any details on the attackers. However, Muslims are being fingered online. Yunnan province is a crossroads with many different minority groups. A large Muslim community live along the border with Vietnam. Savage Jihadists attacks have occurred in parts of Asia south of Yunnan in the past. In Thailand, suicide bombers have attacked schools.

The center of Muslim violence in China is in the Xinjiang province, which borders Afghanistan and the central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union.

For more pictures, click here. (Warning: Very Graphic)