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Third person dies from attack on SXWS by aspiring rapper

Photos Right: All three fatalities.

A third victim has died from wounds received at the hands of a black male aspiring rapper who police say purposely rammed his car into a huge crowd of pedestrians.

Many media outlets are censoring photographs of the perpetrator, and treating the attack like it was an accident. An LA Times article, announcing that the killer had been identified, even censored his mug shot. The LA Times was one of the first newspapers in America to openly admit they had a policy of censoring black crime.

Lady Gaga being vomited on has been given 100x times the media coverage.

All the evidence suggests that this was a spree killing by a murderous thug. Over twenty other people were injured.

Compare the photographs of the innocent victims to the vicious monster who perpetrated this crime.

  • Guest

    Well how much more will you TAKE western White man??
    People can deny it all they want, but WHITE GENOCIDE IS REAL, low birth rates, promotion of homo’s, miscegenation, abortion, porn, etc….. is leading to the Death of the West.
    You can’t have a First world nation With a THIRD world population, and Sweden is a perfect example of the new South Africa.

  • $63974004

    Where is Odin’s berserks when you need them? Now is the time!

  • Z-Man

    A Swedish woman as the ultimate Shiksa! He hates himself for going outside his own
    tribe, now he hates the Swedish tribe.

  • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

    Thank you for helping expose the anti-whites.


  • BobWhitakerisokay

    “Assimilation”, aka intermarriage, through massive non White immigration and forced integration is the preferred method of White Genocide for anti-Whites . Miscegenation works much better than gas chambers, ovens, firing squads and is just as deadly.

    • Siegfried

      Yep just look at ancient Egypt, where the White Population started Mixing with Negroes and other Foreigners, well has anything good ever come out of Egypt ever since then??? LOL, I don’t think so, History teaches us that well.

  • Brad

    We will have to fight Swedish mongrels?

  • $67786808

    He’s Jewish….just because his mother wasn’t, doesn’t mean he’s not…typical Jewish doublespeak.

  • gahanson

    I can’t figure out why so many “conservatives” are in love with Jews and Israel. Even Biden had the guts to say that it was Jews who brought us integration, gay rights, gun control laws, lax immigration laws, almost everything that “conservatives” oppose. Wolodarski is just another example.

  • Siegfried

    Wow Yids talking about the Removal of White People, isn’t that a surprise…….NOT! (Barbara lerner Spectre)
    The real Multiculturalist want to see Cultures and Ethnicities PRESERVED! NOT MONGRELIZED OR DESTROYED!

  • Alan Martin

    we need a new racial category…. one that actually reflects the reality and philosophy of these dysfunctional people.

    “race isnt real” ” race doesnt matter” “race is a just a social construct”…. yet the people who purport to beleive these things, those who mix interracially ALWAYS cling to the very same racial identifiers the rest of us are supposed to find “worthless”

    why would anyone who mixes interracially….still call themselves “white”? because its a reflection of their own HATRED.

    these people may be biologically white…but they are SOCIAL NON-WHITES and its time they be treated and viewed as such… expose their hypocrisy and mental illness… Social non-whites attempt to set themselves and their own personal dysfunctions and behaviors as being indicative of what it means to “white”…its the “normal” all the rest of us must adhere to.

    Social non-whites are just as racist, just as malicious, and just as destructive as the most virulent non-white racist.

    • seapeaMP

      We call those White people… sno-balls, after the old Hostess product. White on the outside, anti-White on the inside.

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • jack

    so breviks fear were justified after all

  • obot

    Yet, most Jews refuse to marry outside their own race and want to keep Israel pure. I used to think Hitler was an evil man. Now I know he was only trying to protect his people. He went about it the wrong way by attacking other Europeans.

  • Melissa Limbury

    Sweden will probably go the same way as South Africa. A once-awesome nation, now in tatters after a mere two decades of neglect and soaring crime. Whites continue to perish at a staggering rate; all the while, there are fewer and fewer competent people to run the country. Sweden will go from first world country to third world country.

  • 1776is1984

    looks like another St. Trayvon, how wonderful.

    • pslinger

      Where is George Zimmerman when we need him…

  • Nayra Pride

    They are all aspiring rapers murders and thieves.

  • jamal

    dirty fingernails, dirty soul

  • Daniel

    This should be all over the media for many reasons but will not be for various reasons:
    1. The criminal is black
    2. This is a perfect illustration of an automobile used as a weapon of mass destruction proving the problem isn’t and never has been “guns.”

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The cute pic of Rufus may be useful during his trial, when he is portrayed by his Defense Team as an Honor Student, an Eagle Scout, and the modern-day equivalent of St. Francis of Assisi…

    • dave

      I have to remind myself not to eat anything when reading your comments. You have a way with words. Both funny and true.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        …and I appreciate your pithy comments, as well, Sir…!

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    Why does this cancer to our society get to make money slinging vulgar “poetry”, while there are countless educated and skilled white people out there who are festering in unemployment and despair?

  • Jim

    I wish “aspiring rapper” would become “expiring rapper.”

  • Jenkem Huffington

    If Obama had a son…

    • Tyr Linden


  • Junter

    I’m very tired of the bias in our media. Reports of trouble making teens that don’t look teenage. Who they think they’re fooling?

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