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Two black men sue KC entertainment district claiming a racist conspiracy caused them to get into fights

HorusLTwo black men are suing a laundry list of Kansas City bar owners. They claim a racist conspiracy is behind numerous altercations that they were involved with.

The lawsuits involves the Kansas City Power & Light district, an upscale shopping and entertainment district. The two men claim that bar owners hire “white rabbits” to pick fights with random black men. Then security throws both parties out. The “white rabbits” are supposedly re-admitted through a secret back entrance.

To put this conspiracy theory into perspective, let’s look at crime stats in Missouri. Blacks make up 11.6% of the population. They commit 60.7% of murders. They commit 43.7% of rapes, 41.8% of aggravated assaults, and 70.9% of robberies.

This means blacks in Missouri commit murder at 11.78 times the combined rate of all non-blacks. They commit robbery at 18.57 times the combined rate of all non-blacks. This suggests that blacks would also be astronomically more likely to get into an altercation at a bar. Kansas City is also a hotbed of random, racially motivated black on white crime. In one recent instance, a white teenager was targeted at random and set on fire, solely because of the color of his skin.

From Courthouse News…

Operators of Kansas City’s entertainment district hire white “rabbits” to start altercations with black people to get African-Americans thrown out of clubs and lighten the complexion of the Power and Light District, two men claim in a federal class action.

The Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City is an upscale entertainment district. The district’s dress code has come under fire from African-Americans, who claim they are unfairly singled out.

In 2011, four black men filed a class action claiming the district, which they referred to as the “Power and White” district, used the dress code to discriminate against them.

In the latest complaint, two African-American men – Dante’ Combs and Adam Williams – claim they were victims of a white rabbit – the term used to describe the hired race baiters.

Combs, a pharmaceutical representative with a college degree, claims he was standing outside a club in the district waiting for some friends and a white man walked up to him and knocked his cell phone out of his hands.

The man proceeded to get in Combs face. Several security guards quickly responded and kicked Combs out of the district, but not the white man, he claims in the lawsuit.

Another time, in the summer of 2011, Combs says he was not allowed inside a club though white patrons were allowed in with little or no questioning. After standing in line, watching white people enter, when he was finally acknowledged by security, Combs was told his pants were too baggy -though he was wearing a suit and tie.

Later in 2011, Combs and Williams were at another bar in the Power and Light District with a group of friends. Williams is a medical sales consultant with a college degree. At some point in the evening, two female doctors who knew Williams came up to him and started talking with him and Combs.

About 30 minutes later, a white man walked up to the doctors and asked if Combs and Williams were bothering them, the lawsuit states. Despite being told they were not, the white man started a fight with Williams and Combs. Williams was handcuffed and detained by security for 90 minutes despite multiple witnesses claiming he wasn’t the instigator, according to the complaint.