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Victim of violent home invasion persecuted for fighting back

Ira Beumer was the victim of a violent home invasion by a groups of young black perpetrators. The thugs smashed into his home at 2:30 am wearing ski masks. They robbed Beumer at gun point, stealing money and firearms. When they left, Beumer couldn’t find his daughter who was hiding.

Thinking his daughter had been kidnapped, he pursued the thugs in his own car. Their cars eventually collided. One of the thugs died and another was seriously injured.

Ira Beumer was charged with murder. None of the surviving thugs even came to the trial to testify. However, the judge allowed the jury to hear allegations by a cop that Beumer said he killed the perp on purpose. After the first two days of the trial, Beumer accept a plea deal mid trial. He plead guilty to reckless homicide, because the claims of one of the cops would have biased the jury against him.

Ira Beumer. Innocent victim of violent home invasion.