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White girl wears Indian headdress, national news story

All across America, white people are being attacked at random in brutal racially motivated violence. The media censors almost all of it.

What does make the national news? A white woman wearing an Indian headdress at an Indian casino.

Yes, the daughter of the Governor of Oklahoma wore an Indian headdress to an Indian Casino, and it is now a national news story. The media is calling her a racist.

Christina Fallin, the victim of the media hate campaign, says she thought the headdress was pretty.

What the media is saying is that they can not find any actual incidents of white people doing anything mean to any non-whites anywhere. The media has to invent absurd and outlandish claims of victim-less “micro-aggression” racism just to have something to complain about.

Christina Fallin like to pose in a variety of costumes.