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Will Obama start WW III over the Crimea?

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea is 10,000 square miles and fewer than two million people. It is 58% Russian and 24% Ukrainian. The rest are Tartars and other minority groups. It is the most pro-Russian district of the Ukraine. It occupies most of the Crimean Peninsula.

A piece of the peninsula is already being leased to the Russian navy. As tension and riots rage in Ukraine, armed pro-Russian militias have set up encampments at the bridges connecting Crimea to the rest of the Ukraine.

Ukraine is deeply divided between Russians and Ukrainians. Russians only make up 17% of the Ukraine, but are a majority in several areas.

Obama is accusing Russian of preparing to invade the Crimean peninsula. In fact, members of the Russian parliament are talking about annexing the peninsula.

Obama is now threatening Russia. The media is cheering him on. Both Republicans and Democrats seem hellbent of restarting the cold war ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union.