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43% of Dutch want fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands

The media in Europe is agitating for Orwellian thought crimes charges against Geert Wilders as his party is poised to come in first place in EU elections.

A new poll showed that 43% of those in the Netherlands would like to see fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. 55% said they oppose charging Geert Wilders with thought crimes.

The poll had three choice. Fewer Moroccans, or no opinion/don’t care. What is even more shocking is that only 3% said they wanted more Moroccans.

This suggests that the actually percentage of Dutch who want fewer Moroccans is much higher than 43%. Many are simply too timid to admit it to a pollster.

Among Geert Wilders own party, 95% said they want fewer Moroccans.

63% of the supporters of “Democrat 66,” whom claim to be the champions of Democracy, say they want Geert Wilders charged with thought crimes.

Dutch Party of Freedom members chant “Less, Less, Less” after Wilders pledges fewer Moroccans.

Geert Wilders defends pledge to reduce the number of Moroccans in the Netherlands