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CNN ridicules the dance and clothing of the New Zealand Maori in racially derogatory tirade

United Tribes of New Zealand Flag

Time and time again we see white liberals recoiling at the very diversity they claim to cherish. CNN ran this segment ridiculing the dance and clothing of the native tribes of New Zealand. They also threw in some shots of African dancers and mocked them as well.

CNN exhibits the classic left-wing “White Man’s Burden” mentality. This is the belief that it is the white man’s duty to raise up the non-whites and make them more like white people.

We are reminded of the school in New York City that hired a woman to do an “authentic African dance” for black history month. Then, white liberal administrators went completely bonkers when the woman actually performed the job she was hired too. Administrators had the woman arrested and brought in grief counselors for the children, because her authentic outfit revealed her breasts.