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Did Donald Sterling waste his money by donating to black charities?

Mel Gibson is one of the biggest financial sponsors of his local hospital, which happens to be run by a Jewish religious charity. This never stopped professional far-left Jewish “anti-racists” from denouncing him as anti-Jewish. In fact, other Jewish groups have tried to shake down Gibson, claiming that a donation would alleviate attacks on him by far-left Jewish political groups.

Likewise NBA owner Donald Sterling, an 80 year old Jewish man, has donated money to black and left-wing charities. This did not protect him from being┬ádenounced by media, professional race hustlers, and even the president of the United States as a “racist.”

Since 2009, Donald Sterling has donated:
$30,000 to the Museum of Tolerance
$50,000 to the Los Angeles Black Business Association
$50,000 to the United Negro College Fund

Sterling also runs a charity called the Sterling Foundation which has given grants to the NAACP.


Below: Attempted shakedown of Mel Gibson by Jewish group.