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Luck and courage saves white construction workers from attempted racial hate crime murder in Detroit

Hundreds of white victims of racially motivated attempted murders have lived solely because black gangbanger take such poor care of their weapons. They also commonly load them with the wrong bullets and they simply become jammed. Ohio police officer Richard Kieffer-Adrian discusses this phenomenon in his book “Free-Fire Zones! Urabn Warfare USA.”

This webmaster knows someone personally who survived a racially motivated attempted murder because one of the killer’s guns misfired twice. He was delivering pizzas in the Greenbrier neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Two black males stepped in between him and his car after he just delivered a pizza. One said “we’re going to kill you white boy” and shot him with a .22 hitting him in the arm. The second attempted to fire a 9mm twice at point blank range, but the gun misfired twice. The victim charge the gunman and punched him hard in the face with his remaining good arm. The two thugs fled. Police never made any arrests.

This example ended even better. No live bullets were successfully fired and the gunman was fought off with a baseball bat.


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