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N.C. State Board announces evidence of 36k+ illegal double votes during presidential election

Evidence continues to mount of massive nationwide voter fraud during both presidential elections of Barack Obama. Many on the far-left simply felt that it was safe to cheat for Obama, because they assumed the Obama administration would protect them. Recently Al Sharpton held a rally in Cincinnati in which a black woman who voted five times was treated as a guest of honor. The woman, who is unrepentant, was convicted but received no actual punishment. ┬áThe rally was a sort of “in your face” nose rub. Many in the black community view voter fraud as justified.

The NC State Board of Elections just announced that it has matched 36,335, who voted in the 2012 election for Barack Obama, with people who also voted in other states. This is just one type of voter fraud. This doesn’t even include the people who voted for their friends, people who submitted absentee ballots for other people, or crooked poll workers that simply mass voted for people who didn’t show up.

In 2012, Romney won North Carolina by a slim majority.

HOWEVER! North Carolina is one of the states where voter fraud probably threw the election to Barack Obama in 2008. McCain was in the lead for hours. Then the last 1% of precincts, which came almost exclusively from heavily black precincts, changed the results. Obama won by a razor thin margin. Overwhelmingly black urban precincts were disproportionately the last to turn in their results, even though they typically had a much shorter distance to transport their results. This suggests cheating after the polls closed, and not even the same kind of cheating that the NC Sate Board is talking about.

Barack Obama won by 14k votes in North Carolina in 2008. If the same 36k+ people who double voted in two different states in 2012, did the same thing in 2008, it would have changed the results of the whole election. Remember, the 36k is only one kind of cheating. The woman convicted of voting five times in Ohio, did not even use this method.

It is extremely probable that Barack Obama only won North Carolina in 2008 because of voter fraud.