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Obama regime bans importation of cheap Russian 5.45×39 7n6 ammo

The Russian 5.45×39 ammo was designed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s to compete with the NATO 5.56×45. The ammo is used with rifles that have a Kalashnikov receiver and are caled AK-74.

Tens of thousands of BATF approved versions of the AK-74 rifles have been imported into the United States for commercial sale. People who own the rifles have to rely the availability of imported Russian ammo.

There are four version of the 5.45×39 ammo.

5n7 – light penetration (maximum tissue damage)
7n6 – regular penetration
7n10 – improved penetration
7n22 – armor piercings
7n24 – super armor piercing

The 7n10, 7n22, and 7n24 are already banned under a law that blocks the importation of armor piercing ammo into the United States civilian gun market. Most of the ammo being imported into the US for commercial sale appears to be the 7n6 variant. Now the Obama administration has reclassified 7n6 ammo as “armor piercing” and banned it.

This advisory was posted on a government website. The ATF justifies the ban by claiming that the ammo can be used in a pistol. The pistol they are referring to is a Serbian made pseudo-pistol version of an AK-74 that became available in the US in 2011. Doesn’t it seem more logically that the Obama administration should ban this one offending pseudo-pistol than a type of ammo, used by tens of thousands of people? Law abiding American citizens have been buying rifles that fire 5.45×39 ammo since at least the early 90s.

Imported Russian 5.45×39 ammo is also steel cased. That makes the ammo much cheaper than similar calibers of American made brass case ammo. Much of the 5.45×39 ammo is surplus from the military of the former Soviet Union, which also makes it cheap.

This Russian steel case ammo is highly sought after because the Obama administration has driven up the price of American made brass case ammo by placing orders for over four billion rounds for non-military Federal agencies. The various calibers of Russian steel case ammo fly off of the shelves of Walmarts within hours of a store getting a shipment. It has already been widely speculated online that the Obama administration has imported Russian steel case ammo in it’s crosshairs.

The obvious criticism is that the Obama administration is simply looking for ways to make it harder for Americans to buy ammo. For years now, the Obama administration has appeared to be intentionally trying to dry up the supply of ammo available for commercial sale.