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Pro-government “progressive activist” vows to hold public party next to Bundy Ranch

Sean Shealy says he will hold a “no rules, total anarchy” month long party on public grazing land next to the Bundy Ranch. The event is supposed to demonstrate the need for the Federal government to control public lands in Nevada.

The event is supposed to take place from September 5th to October 5th. There is a debate raging at left-wing websites as too whether the event will really take place or if Shealy is simply “trolling libertarians on the internet.”

Shealy is a “progressive activist,” which is another word for Marxist. Shealy is the author of a fictional novel where a “progressive activist” humiliates Limbaugh. So instead of debating people in real life, Shealy writes a fictional story about a fictional leftists who debates people. This takes the term “straw man” to an absurd new level.