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Racist white mob attack story by SPLC/RawStory is a hoax

The is the headline promoted by the SPLC, a notorious left-wing fundraising hustle: Four Michigan men arrested for viciously beating Army veteran because they thought he was a “nigger lover.” They link to Raw Story which claims veteran Adam Wagner was brutally beaten by three men in Livonia, MI because he came to the aid of a black female clerk.

According to the article writen by, and promoted by the SPLC, three racist white men beat up Adam Wagner because he stood up for a black woman.

The actually pictures of the alleged perps look like Muslim Immigrants. The incident took place in an area with a large Muslim immigrant population. Statements allegedly made by the men also suggested they were Muslim. The police report said that the men denounced the US army and called Adam racial slurs.

However, now police say that Wagner started the attack by punching the smallest of the three men first. Wagner then pursued the three men down the street and initiated a fight a second time. During a second round of questioning Wagner admitted to police that he had drank a lot before the incident. Police arrested the three men, but the DA says they will not be charged.

So what has happened, is Raw Story and the SPLC have taken a news story and not only changed the motive, but they changed the entire race of the alleged perps!

The SPLC takes in over $25 million a year and has a massive staff of workers. Yet, with all their resources, they still can’t find any actually racial violence committed by white people. The have to resort to promoting distortions and hoaxes.