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Suspect in racially motivated shooting spree in Greenville, appears in court

Make no mistake. If a white man shot four black people anywhere in America, it would be the single biggest news story in the US. In fact, when an American Indian shot three black people in Oklahoma, the media simply lied about the perp’s race. They called it a “white on black” racially motivated murder spree. It was the biggest news story in America, and reported all over Europe as well. It was shown on local news in Finland.

In Greenville, NC a black male shot four white people. He targeted them solely because of the color of their skin. Instead of being a national news story, it was a hush crime. The local media censored all mention of race.

A small online blip by WITN, Channel 7 is the first report from a “mainstream media outlet” we have seen that even mentions the spree shooting was racially motivated. The blip goes along with a news segment that was aired on WITN. The actual news segment does not mention motive and continues to censor all mention of race.

This website, however, was way ahead of the curve. We told you it was racially motivated since the beginning.

From WITN…

A grand jury indictment said the shooting was racially motivated. All four victims were white men, while Faust is black.

This small blip, buried on a local media website, would be a national headline if the races had been reversed.