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Texas DPS: Gang membership has exploded past 100,000, most are Latino

Barrio Azteca is believed to have over 5,000 members in Mexico and over 3,000 in Texas and New Mexico.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has declassified its 2013 state-wide gang assessment. There are over 100,000 gang members in Texas alone. According to the FBI, a large majority are Latino.

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Four gangs are listed as “Tier One” gangs.

Tango Blast – Loose affiliation Latino prison gang
Texas Syndicate – Top level prison gang for US born Latinos
Mexican Mafia – Top level ethnic Mexican prison gang
Barrio Azteca – Ethnic Mexican gang that operates along the border. Thousands of members on both sides.

All four have thousands of members, and relationships with Mexican drug cartels. DPS believes that Barrio Azteca takes orders directly from a Cartel.

The report also cites several other well known Latino gangs as being on the rise, and possible candidates for “Tier One” gangs in the near future.

Surenos 13 – California based Latino gang. DPS expects this gang to reach “Tier One” level soon. Affiliated with Sinaloa Cartel.
Latin Kings – Chicago based Latino gang.
Mara Salvatrucha – Latino gang with sophisticated hierarchy based out of El Salvadore
Texas Chicano Brotherhood – Affiliated with Gulf Cartel, uses juveniles heavily

Surenos 13 is a rapidly growing gang because the gang has moved operations eastward out of California because of the state’s three strike law.

Note: Study shows that the far-left, pro-amnesty “watchdog” groups SPLC and ADL have blatantly lied about the prominence of white prison gangs.

The Texas Department of Public Safety puts criminal gangs in three tiers. It is noteworthy that the SPLC and the ADL have falsely been portraying the relatively tiny white prison gang known as “Aryan Circle” as the biggest and baddest gang. Researchers at Texas DPS only classifies Aryan Circle at the bottom of the third tier! The DPS significantly downgraded Aryan Circle from the top of the third tier to the bottom of the third tier between 2012 and 2013. The only other white gang, is the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. This is a smaller gang, but consists of more serious offenders. DPS notes that Aryan Brotherhood is classified as “Tier Two” because its members are high level offenders, not because of its overall size. Aryan Brotherhood was significantly downgrade in the second tier between 2012 and 2013. This Means that the SPLC and ADL have been greatly exaggerating the prominence of white prison gangs in Texas. Once again we see that the pro-Amnesty ADL and the SPLC are spreading fake information to downplay the crimes committed by Latino immigrants.