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Three new random black on white murders around the nation.

Any one of these would be a major news story if the races were reversed. Instead they are hush crimes. Over 90% of all interracial violence involving whites and blacks is black against white.

A white man was shot in the head and killed in Fresno, California. Police say a black male gangbanger was playing with his gun and it accidentally went off. The victim was sitting on his couch with his granddaughter at the time.

Two black males have been arrested for shooting two white males at random on the side of the road in Rochester, NY. One of the victims died. He is 49 year old Ronald Stern.

Police say two black males beat a white college student to death in Seale, Alabama. A local media outlets described the crime by saying “someone wanted his stuff.” If the races were reversed, the media would have called it a “racially motivated hate crime.” News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

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