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Another major black/white academic gap fueled cheating scandal explodes

The Obama administration has put intense pressure on schools to raise black test scores and decrease the black/white performance gap. Schools are even threatened with losing Federal funding if black test scores are too low. So what has happened is schools in majority black urban areas are experiencing cheating scandals all over America. The teachers resort to cheating for their students to maintain the Federal funding.

All of this is just another reason that the Federal Department of Education should be abolished and schools should have greater local control. It is simply absurd to say that white children in rural Maine, black children inner city Philadelphia, Mexicans in East LA, and Polynesians in Hawaii all have the exact same needs, wants, and capabilities.

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Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Several teachers and the principal of this Philadelphia school have been arrested for helping students cheat on standardized tests. The purpose of the cheating is to protect Federal funding.