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Black teenagers scream racial slurs, throw rocks, and attack white people at Las Vegas Italian festival.

An annual Italian festival in Las Vegas was shut down early Saturday night when black teenagers rioted. Many screamed racial slurs and attacked people. A large groups hurled rocks and bottles at police officers. Some jumped on cars in the parking lot.

Most media outlets are showing no pictures and simply saying “teens got into fights.” The notorious far-left Las Vegas Sun, published no pictures and said “teens cause disruption.” They also called it “a ruckas.” Black people screaming racial slurs and attacking random white people was just “ruckas.”┬áThe Sun makes it sound like some Guidos were just rough-housing.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the entire western world. Instead it is a giant “hush crime.”

Only KTNV Channel 13 (below) reported far more than any other Las Vegas media outlets. Even then they refuse to actually say who the rioters were.

Dozens of white people posted comments about fleeing the mayhem on twitter. There are also reports on twitter of two gunshots being fired by a black teenager.

Photos of non-rioters on twitter. Most media outlets would have you believe that the rioters looked like this.