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Charleston County GOP censures Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham with one of his key allies on amnesty. Extreme far-left Democrat Charles Schumer.

The most import County GOP organization in South Carolina, Charleston County GOP, has voted to approve a resolution censuring Lindsey Graham for 29 different actions.

Eight County GOPs have passed the same resolution. Several other County GOPs have enough votes to censure Graham, but have neo-con Chairmen that are blocking the resolution from coming to a vote.

The act of censuring is a formal condemnation of an action and a formal invitation for the person to come before the body and explain himself. Lindsey Graham has been censured by SC County GOPs in the past for supporting amnesty.

The Chesterfield County GOP passed the resolution almost anonymously. 49-1 in favor.

Charleston County County is Lindsey Graham’s home turf.

The Council of Conservative Citizens held public protests against Lindsey Graham in 06, 07, and 08. It has taken mainline Republicans seven years to catch up with us on this issue, but they finally are.

Among the 29 actions that Lindsey Graham is being condemned for:

Supporting total amnesty for illegal aliens.

Supporting NSA spying in the public.

Supporting arming Al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni Jihadists in Syria.

For saying “bloggers” are unworthy of the 1st amendment.

Supporting drone bombing of US citizens.

For supporting Hillary Clinton’s decision to back the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

For voting to use taxpayer dollars to prop up foreign governments, including ones hostile to the USA.

and much, much more.

Click here for the full resolution.