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European right-wing comes of age. Huge successes in EU elections

Germany (96 seats): Germany has never had a member of a right-wing party election the the EU. However, the German Supreme Court nullified the minimum vote threshold. This meant that small parties could elect an MEP with as little as .9%.

Consequently, Alternative For Germany [AfD] got seven seats. The militant far-right NPD got a seat.

France (74 seats): The Front National [FN] came in first place taking 24 seats. This is one of several major shock-waves.

UK (73 seats): UKIP came in first place taking 24 seats. Another huge shockwave.

Italy (73 seats): The new “big tent Euroskeptic” party Five Star Movement [M5S] got 17 seats. The right-wing Northern Italian secessionist party Lega Nord [LN] got 5 seats.

Spain (54 seats): Spain does not appear to have any right-wing parties that gained seats.

Poland (51 seats): The brand new Congress of the New Right [KNP] got 4 seats. They are a libertarian leaning conservative/Eurosceptic party. Law and Justice [PiS] got 15 seats. They are a “soft Euroskeptic” conservative party. They were previous part of a group led by the UK Tory party. However, they are a potential ally for UKIP.

Romania (32 seats): The right-wing in Romania appears to have collapsed.

Netherlands (26 seats): Gert Wilders Party for Freedom (PVV) got 4 seats.

Belgium (21 seats): The right-wing Flemish secessionist party Vlaams Belang got 1 seat. They rival New Flemish Alliance [NV-A], which is less conservative took much of their support and got 4 seats. NV-A was previously allied with the Tories, but could join the UKIP group.

Czech Republic (21 seats): Civic Democrats [ODS] got 2 seats. They are a former member of the Tory alliance, but are likely to join UKIPs alliance.

Greece (21 seats): The Far-Right Golden Dawn [XA] got 3 seats. The right-wing/Euroskeptic Independent Greeks [ANEL] got 1 seat. This is another potential ally for UKIP.

Hungary (21 seats): The far-right Jobbik party got 3 seats. Two other conservative parties got a total of 12 seats. Both of these are members of the EFF, but are probably both more to the right than typical EFF members.

Portugal (21 seats): No right-wing parties.

Sweden (20 seats): The Swedish Democrats [SD] got two seats on an anti-immigration platform.

Austria (18 seats): The right-wing Austrian Freedom Party [FPO] got 4 seats.

Bulgaria (17 seats): The Bulgarian right-wing appears to have collapsed.

Finland (13 seats): The True Finns [PS] got 2 seats. They are members of the UKIP alliance.

Denmark (12 seats): The Danish People’s Party [DF] got 4 seats. They are part of the UKIP alliance.

Other smaller nations:

Latvian National Alliance [NA] 1 seat. Croatian Party of Rights [HSP-AS] got one seat. The Lithuanian Order and Justice Party [TT] got 2 seats.

Wild Card Far-Right Parties:

NPD (1), Jobbik (3) , Golden Dawn (3)

Other wild cards:


Europe of Freedom And Democracy Group (Run by UKIP)

UKIP(24), AfD(7), KNP(4), DF[4], PS(2)

Right-Wing Alliance (Wilders/Le Pen)

FN(24), PVV(4), FPO(4), VB(1), LN(5)

Potential members of either group

SD(2), NA(1), TT(2)

Potential members of either UKIP’s group or a “soft Euroskeptic” grouping with the Tories

PiS(15), NV-A(4), ANEL (1), HSP-AS(1)

EFF and the Tories

Members of the centrist/center-right/Christian Democrat grouping [EFF] got a total of 208 seats. The Tories have another 19. The broke away to form a rival group last time. They lost 6 seats and many of their former partners will probably join UKIPs group instead. They may return to the EFF. Most of their allies were much more conservative and will probably join UKIPs group. Only the centrist Christian Union of the Netherlands with one seat seems likely to join the EFF.

There are also several new parties that are center-right and/or libertarian. Some of these are “soft Euroskeptic.” It remains to be seen in they join the EFF or if they will partner with the Tories for another “soft Euroskeptic” group.

  • Indigenous Solutrean

    The great awakening of our people is moving into very high gear. The descendants of Japheth eldest son of Noah have awoken to defend our sovereign home lands as given to us by God the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

    We have the same rights as Shemites or Hamites to our own and our land as is written in the Bible.
    Those who war against God’s word war against God Himself.
    It is a noble biblical cause to defend ones people especially when they are under invasion.

    The FED’s are too late to stop us from our long walk to save our people, the momentum is now on our side, the Marxist became stagnant with age and corrupted with greed and blinded by their bigotry.
    The ball is coming into our hands now, now we start to set the rules and the agenda.
    We are the ones in touch with the common people. We are the ones who believe in morality and peace for all those who are in their own lands.

    • Rhonda Clark

      WHITES ARE IN GENOCIDE, only 6 % global

  • Quitthevictimhood

    We need to keep strong and carry on and fight every day and be relentless in our pursuit of destroying these communists. Whites MUST stick together and fight as though their lives depend on it.

    • Rhonda Clark

      Civil war 2014 USA…utube..Blacks call for race war..utube…Black Panthers say, kill all white crackers…WHITE GENOCIDE, see how they are doing it, with Illegals….Blacks race war with Mexicans..Blacks race war with Latino..utube…were in a black Civil war right now announce it save lives

  • hanfeedback

    Love it, seeing what they stand for makes one truly understand that we have a one party system here in the US, neither of which are the friends of European people.

    • Rhonda Clark

      Get blacks out of your nations and Muslims, Illegals.

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    Uber wealthy MARXIST Hebrews with their KarlMarx ideology has infected so many minds of white people wherever they reside. The Koch brothers and other wealthy white men should start a new media empire to wrestle away the grip these evil MARXIST Hebrews have on the MSM…

    • freddy_hills

      Most of those countries don’t even have enough Hebrews left to be under their influence. The situation was created by gentiles who are more than capable of being self righteous, marxist radicals all on their own.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I look forward to the day when all non-Europeans from the turd world are put onto cargo ships and sent back to Aperica and Crapistian. NO ONE has the right to Europe except Europeans. To bad America will do nothing about our minority problem.

  • 4teepee

    The natives are restless.

    • Rhonda Clark

      Civil war 2014 USA, utube

  • HJ11

    Where’s the link to the original article?

    • Kyle Rogers

      All this was data compiled by me. There is no original article.

      • LiberalismFailed

        I am very ignorant of the European Union political system. You’ve labeled it a “huge success.” For idiots like me, why is it a “huge success”?

        • Kyle Rogers

          For decades most of Europe has been extremely left wing. Now you have right-wing parties coming in first place in UK and France.

  • Michael Mason

    I have mixed feelings about this. It’s nice to see larger numbers of white people drifting toward the Right rather than drifting to the Left, but I also contemplate whether or not we can save our people in the long run by playing politics and relying on something as unreliable as democracy.

  • patrioticvigilantie

    this is a wake up call to Washington, we also should send a message, The west is done with the B.S. We have been mislead lied and force fed to much bull crap from our so called leaders. I do think the Western civilization needs to rethink its polocies toward the rest of the world. We are done being the police, the babysitters, and adoptions for countries that just can’t get it together. I would love to see niether party Demo’s Repub’s loose there asses from a job. let them live unemployed, even though its not the same most are too dam rich to give a crap any way. We do need real ppeople who have the will and wisdom to lead, Not the monkies and pigs in lipstick that are prechosen for us.
    Washington has long forgoten for whom they are supose to serve. As has most of the Euro’s leaders as well.

  • James Wilson

    Nothing will change. If voting changed anything, it would be illegal.

  • Duke

    You have some mistakes there. First of all, Czech ODS is not going to join UKIP, they will remain in ECR as they are the closest allies of British Cons and they helped to found the group. Second, there is a second eurosceptic party in the Czech Republic that has won one mandate – it’s libertarian Party of Free Citizens and it is joining Farage’s UKIP and the EFD group. Third, neither AfD or KNP are part of the UKIP’s EFD yet, but there are other members that got elected – Lega Nord and TT. Lega Nord is, however, leaving. Fourth, Swedish Democrats are likely to join Le Pen’s AEF.

    It could be said that European People’s Party are centre-right (for Americans centre, or even centre-left), composed of Christian democrats, but are pro-European and are working with Socialists. From the right-wing groups (to the right from EPP, not including liberal ALDE group, that is however usually right wing on economy, but pro european and liberal on social issues), there is soft eurosceptic ECR, that is conservative and is similar to US Republicans. Then UKIP’s EFD, which is “right-wing populist”, national conservative (but not fanatically nationalist, better word is patriotic) and moderate eurosceptic. The new Le Pen’s/Wilders’ group AEF will be hard eurosceptics and nationalists, “right-wing populists” and hardline national conservatives. The reason why Farage and Le Pen won’t cooperate (well, they will on most issues, but not be in the same group) is that Farage is “just” patriotic and economically liberal – supports free market, no regulations, small state and small bureucracy – while Le Pen is really nationalist and her economical views include protectionism and government control of banks, energy, education and some other things.


    Duke from the Czech Republic

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