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Extreme left blames white privilege for Eurasian who wanted to slaughter white women

Elliot’s mother Li Chin. She is Chinese,

Elliot Rodger was a self-described “Eurasian.” His father is a Hollywood big shot and his mother was Chinese. He claimed to be a “superior alpha male,” and an “exotic gem” of a man. He claimed that white women couldn’t recognize his superiority, so they deserved to be killed. His primary target was women with blonde hair. He was obsessed with hating blondes.

Maybe the fact that Hollywood and television are obsessed with demonizing blonde-haired people had something to do with this. Blonde men are usually villains, and blonde women are usually portrayed as idiots.

Not since the far-left falsely claimed the Columbine killers (two self described “anti-racist” bisexuals, one of whom was Jewish) were “neo-Nazis,” have we seen such hoax reporting.

Here is what DailyKos, one of the most popular extreme far-left sites in America, wrote:

When an “Arab” or “Muslim” American kills people in mass they are a “terrorist”. When a black person shoots someone they are “thugs”. When a white man commits a mass shooting he is “mentally ill” or “sick”.

Whiteness and white privilege are the luxury to be an individual, one whose behavior reflects nothing about white people as a group.

There will be not be a national discussion of a culture of “white pathology” or how white Americans may have a “cultural problem” with their young men and gun violence. The news media will not devote extensive time to the “social problem” of white male violence and mass shootings.

Elliot Rodger, a rich, white, entitled, young man allegedly shot and killed (as he apparently hunted them down) six women while driving his BMW around Santa Barbara, California late last night. Like Adam Lanza,  this would appear to be a case of aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome, one which has led to a murderous and tragic outcome.

Elliot Rodger was very specific in his manifesto and online video. He did not consider himself to be a white person. Racially he is Eurasian, not Caucasian, European, or “white.” He hated white women, especially blonde women.

The DailyKos hoax article is being syndicated all over the far-left blog-o-sphere. Radical leftists have camped out on wikipedia to make sure the killer is described as a “white man” motivated by “white privilege.”

Even so-called “mainstream” media outlets are taking Elliot’s statement out of context and claiming he is a “white racist.”

Essential Elliot Rodger perceived himself as a superior man. He thought women should recognize his superiority without him having to “pick them up.” In other words, he shouldn’t have to use hooks, bait, or have a personality to attract a beautiful blonde women. He felt them should want to have sex with him simply because he is superior to other men. He felt that being half Chinese made white women not like him.

The media should be talking about Hollywood’s demonization of blonde haired people, an industry Elliot was close too. Also, the social issues brought on by miscegenation, not fictional “white privilege.”

Elliot Rodger said white women are the enemy and deserve to die. He especially wanted to kill blondes.