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FRAUD! New York Post changes the race of a perp from black to white

The actual perp. Does this look anything like the man pictured by the New York Post?

This a phenomenon that we started seeing in the Scandinavian media years ago. Instead of censoring the race of a black perp, they purposefully insinuate that the perp is white. Years ago, we coined the term “stage 2 censorship of black crime.” More and more, we are seeing “stage 2” censorship of black crime in US media media outlets.

Note: We have already seen “stage 3” censorship ┬áin the Scandinavian media. This is where an actual photo of the perp is taken and a light colored blur mark is placed over his face. It creates the illusion that the perp is white.

The New York Post is no more credible than grocery store rags that report on Sasquatch and Bat Boy.

See New York Post article.

Screen shot of race change hoax on New York Post website.