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Jay-Z held black only fan party while he owned NBA team, no one cared

Jay-Z wearing medallion for organization that advocates race war and racial extermination.

Jay-Z openly supports one of the most radical white hating organization in world. It is called “5%er Nation” and they claim they are preparing for a race war to exterminate all white people. The group says that white people are biological devils. Jay-Z is also rapper, and also has lyrics attacking white people.

Jay-Z also co-owned the Brooklyn Nets from 2003 to April of last year. In 2010 he held a wild party for fans, but ordered bouncers not to allow any white people in. The leadership of the NBA took no action whatsoever. A far cry from their handling of the Donald Sterling incident. Read More.


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Jay-Z wearing medallion for 5%er Nation while attending an NBA game.